Raiders of the Savage Coast

...And the Hand Wipes

Fully rested, we went to find the prison cells in order to release the remaining captives. As we approached the prison, we could hear the sounds of someone being tortured. We quickly opened the door, and were immediately set upon by a woman, who had been augmented to have razor sharp teeth, and a distending jaw. We dispatched her, and examined the cells. One was occupied by a teenaged girl named Kori. The second contained a clerk named Lorat. The third held a Halfling named Glyva. All three had been kidnapped by cultists and brought here. The fourth cell contained a troll. He claimed that his master was killed, and then adopted Ironforge as his new master. The fifth held an ogre. The sixth contained a dead sea elf with a tattoo of intertwining saragasso leaves. We released them all, and then escorted the humans and Halfling back to the surface. On our trek, we learned that the Halfling had been tracking the cultists into the deep forest, where he was waylaid by crocodile men. During his capture, he saw that the cultists were being led by a tall blond woman. She mentioned a “path to Nelcashel”, and that they had to go there to retrieve the Mirrors of Prophecy.

Upon reaching the surface and returning home, we heard talk of a new popular game being played at the Cock Pit. The name of the game was Mrathrack, which was an interesting coincidence, as it was also the name of the first and most powerful member of the Blackhand. Intrigued, we headed over to the Cock Pit to check the game out. The game involved a huge circular wheel with channels in it. People would put droplets of blood in a channel, which would coalesce into an image of the donor. The wheel would be spun, the blood came together, and an image of the winner would appear in the collected blood. The whole device was magical, and funneled chaos energy from the gambling. Where the energy went, and what it was being used for remained a mystery.

We next went to visit Cmmdr. Bonaduce, Aaron, Shakes, Bellach, Zander and Bethany. We told them everything we knew about the army, the chaos cults and Mrathrack. Zarine gave an impassioned speech about the need to put aside old differences and work together for the greater good. That, and a promise to exclusively date Zander, convinced them to join and organize the defense of the city. However, to truly protect the city, we would need the help of the Tulita, the Fendrillers and the City Council. We convinced the Fendrillers to act as scouts in order to get information on the size and location of the army. We then visited the Tulita Elders. They had dire tales to relay to us. Shark attacks had been increasing along the coast. Pirates had begun worshipping the Devourer. Tribesmen would go missing for days, only to return as frenzied warriors of the Devourer. The Witch Queen had been gathering forces, and digging for ore in order to make weapons of great foulness. Weresharks were also increasing the raiding. Even given all of this, the Tulita were willing to assist the city, as long as we found some way to deal with the wereshark attacks, the city stopped its practice of over-whaling, and stopped enslaving the Tulita.

We then visited the Temple of Dumathoin to inform Banderal of the situation. While he could not take direct action in the defense of the city, he pledged healing when needed. He also provided Ironforge with a matching magical longsword and shortsword. They had been forged to fight the Blackhand. While at the temple, we spoke with Joanna. She gave us information on Krackus, Lord of the Maelstrom. He may have been the only old god to survive, and embodies the destructive force of the ocean. She also gave us 2 potions of water breathing, and 2 salves of gill growth.
We next went to speak with Aaron again, who had gotten information about the army massing for an attack. He discovered that they were about 3 – 4 days away, deep in the swamp. It contained 500 – 800 soldiers (~100 crocodile men, a bunch of kobolds/humanoids, ~200-300 tribesmen, some witches) and a black dragon…no problem

With this information in hand, we set about persuading the major Houses on the City Council to help defend the city and accede to the Tulita requests. We quickly uncovered that any united action from the Council depended on getting the support of House Tross, and either House Tillinghast or Hargrove. Since Tillinghast had come under the influence of the being instigating all of the troubles in Sentinel, we decided to go with Hargrove. Convincing Wymont Tross was relatively simple, once we informed him that we knew about his little fetish (and I do mean “little”). However, he was wary of crossing Hargrove, and would only support us if Hargrove threw in his support. Before speaking with Hargrove, we decided to get some more information about him from his estranged wife, The Baroness (who’d been having an affair with Cmmdr. Bonaduce). We found out from her that Hargrove has greater ambitions beyond Sentinel, and would eventually like to become a major power in the Empire. To these ends, he’d been stockpiling arms and armor. Using this, Zarine spun a tantalizing vision for Hargrove, with him saving the city, and being known far and wide as “The Savior of Sentinel”. He bought into this, but in order for him to support us on the Council, he required that we personally lead the defense of the city. There was one other stipulation…that we be named “Hargrove’s Hand”. Well, you know what they say about the hand and wiping…

Acquired items:
Ring of Prtoection +2
Potion of Owl’s Wisdom
Banderal’s longsword and shortsword – +2 indivdual. When wielded together, +4 each w/ defending ability. 1 / day lycanthrope bane (duration = level)
2 potions of water breathing
2 salves of gill growth.


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