Raiders of the Savage Coast

Building 222

Building 222 was situated in an abandoned part of the old city. It was a basic square keep in good repair with a western tower, an exterior wall, a gate house and a guard tower. Passing through the gate house, we entered a large courtyard with a well. Exploration of the well determined that it was the lair of some slimy, oozy humanoid, which immediately attacked us. We soundly defeated it and entered into the manor proper.

As soon as we entered the building, we were attacked by rat men, which we quickly dispatched. A search of the first floor uncovered a statue of an obese naked man, which animates and says “Come to me”. It radiated strong chaos magic, and its pedestal appeared to cover a trap door. We also found a bedroom, decorated with lude paintings, and inhabited with illusion-clad zombies, which we destroyed. A search of the tower revealed a storage area containing a jar of yellow liquid radiating strong transformation magic, a book titled “The Life and Times of Eldar the Great” radiating enchantment magic, and a candle with the word “Sagginal” etched into it. We later learned that Sagginal was the man whose spirit infuses the statue.

A search of the second floor revealed a kitchen full of rats and a dining area. We also found a bedroom filled with tiny figurines which animated and attacked us. This floor also gave us access to the gate house, which was haunted by the ghost of a priest of Dellanach named Tonelle. He was part of an expedition to cleanse this keep 150 years ago, but died in the process. He gave us information about the keep, including the fact that it was a safe house for the Crimson Coil, a chaos cult, and the location of a key that we need. In return he asked that we free him by reciting a prayer to Dellenach. We promise to do so, once we find one.

We proceeded to the third floor, where we found a large bedroom containing a cultist robe. This also gave us access to the battlements, and a second bedroom. This room contained a ledger for the operations of Pythanus House, the front the cultists used for the keep. We discovered that the cultists hid weapons of great power in the basement here, which are guarded by the statue. Access to the weapons requires a spiral symbol, which is broken into 2 pieces. Something called the “cobbled man” has one piece and the other is hidden in the high tower. Also, there is a demon inhabiting the keep.

Exploration of the western tower revealed the lair of the cobbled man, a creature put together from different body parts and infused with chaos energy. He attacked us, throwing Zarine off of the roof in the process. We save Zarine, and put the poor creature out of its misery. We als recovered half of the spiral disk.

Up from the lair of the cobbled man, we find a summoning chamber with a secret compartment containing a ring with a broken symbol.


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