Raiders of the Savage Coast

Crypt of the Dwarven Kings

We continue to the elevator platform, and lower ourselves down into a colossal chamber. The room contains 8 pillars, each with the holy symbol of a different Dwarven god. On the back wall is the symbol for Dumathoin, which contains a key hole. We insert the key, and a 9th pillar rises from the floor. This pillar has a space in it for a holy symbol. We use the holy symbol we found earlier, and the pillar lowers, past ground level. We hop on the pillar, and are taken to a huge chamber in a lower level. This room has statues of 4 dwarves, King Millair I, II, III and IV. The statue of King Millair IV activates, walks to Granan and addresses him as “Heir to the throne”. He tells Granan that he cannot reclaim the throne until he retrieves the crown, which is buried with the past king. The wall in the back of the room then opens, revealing a stairwell.

We follow the stairs down to a landing with 3 doors, 1 large and 2 small. The small door on the left leads to a narrow stairway which opens into a cone shaped room. Two gargoyle faces leer from the back wall. Granan is able to enter the room with no problem. However, anyone else who enters the room causes it to fill with webs and spiders. Disabling the trap requires disabling the gargoyles.

The room exits into another room with a small patch of bare earth in it. Next to the patch is a sign saying “Touch the Ground, and be purified.” Again, Granan is able to touch the earth with no effect. Anyone else causes a Xorn to be summoned.

The door from this room leads to a small hallway, which is inhabited by a drake named Prelix. Prelix takes a liking to Zarine, and decides to travel with us. The hallway leads to a room with a set of double doors, a potion, a wand, and a scroll, which we take. This room also contains a gate back up to the surface.

We go through the double doors, which open onto the balcony of a large room. Stairs lead down from the balcony to a sarcophagus…which lies open. Next to the sarcophagus is an undead wolf, and very white dwarf with black eyes. He is clad in mithril full plate and wears a crown on his head. With one hand, he holds a flaming maul, and with the other, he beckons Granan forward. Granan moves towards the figure, who says “No one can take this crown”. Granan notices the signs of insanity in the being’s face only just before he attacks. We are able to destroy the creature and his wolf, but realize that they are “Krust” and are near impossible to fully destroy. They are driven by a single task, and if defeated, will reanimate. We take his items, and place him in the sarcophagus.

We leave the room, and go through the small door on the right of the double doors in the original chamber. This leads through a cone shaped room and a room with a patch of earth, similar to the door on the left. The room with the patch of earth leads to an octagonal chamber. On top of two 10 foot platforms are battlements, each manned by a gargoyle. One gargoyle has an engraved mithril card around its neck. We mage hand the card to us, and the gargoyles attack. We kill one of them, and after speaking with the other, set it free. The mithril card is a planar key to “Glitterhome”

We return to the original room and finally enter the large double doors. Inside are 4 sarcophagi. On them are etched what we think is a history. The first shows a humanoids coming through a large portal. The second shows cities being constructed (one is Sentinel) and three kings (human, dwarf and high elf). The third shows more construction, expansion, and combat against creatures of chaos and a worm-shaped monstrosity. The final one shows more combat, the three kings performing a ritual while surrounded by chaos creatures, and then mass exodus. A further search of the chamber reveals nothing. We return to the surface and meet with the slavers. Their leader, Tormentor Kabob, accepts the spellbook and the mask of Terror we retrieved on our way here, 2 sets of dwarven armor, 2 crossbows, axe, shield and chainmail. We then return to Sentinel.

Acquired Items:
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Wand of Shocking Grasp
Scroll of Mass Cure Light Wounds
+2 Mithril breast plate
+2 flaming maul
+2 cloak of charisma
+3 belt of giant strength
Dragon Rider earring – allows dragon rider to summon dragon
Dwarven crown
Planar key to Glitterhome


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