Raiders of the Savage Coast

History Revealed

Once the wounded were tended to, we decided to check out the tunnel the creature used to enter the courtyard. Interestingly, it was not a recent excavation. In fact, the tunnel had been dug at least 20 years ago. At about this time, Cmmdt. Bonaduce excused himself to take care of a wereshark attack at the harbor. It appears as though the attacks had been coordinated. As we were discussing whether to explore the tunnel, Zarine noticed that Zander and Chambers were exchanging knowing glances, as if they recognized the tunnel. Zarine questioned them about it. While it was obvious that they knew something, they were reluctant to share any information. Shortly thereafter, Zarine hear the words “Talk to Donovan” waft by on an errant breeze. Figuring that this was sent by either Zander or Chambers, we headed out to the Broken Skull to find Donovan (Shakes).

We found Donovan drinking with his ½ Orc buddy. He seemed eager to discuss the tunnels with us, but for some reason was compelled not to. Unable to speak about it directly, he made a number of vague references to a very attractive, youthful looking older woman (Mary Black?), the fact that no one knows who brought the veil down and who were the first explorers here, and the black hand (servants of the 3 Kings). Shakes then excused himself and quickly returned with a small sack. He gave us the bag, telling us that we can use it to find someone who can help us. We accepted his gift and headed back to our home.

Upon returning home, we upended the sack to reveal a 12 sided container. Each side held a magical rune. We intuited that the runes were a form of magical combination lock. After a couple of aborted attempts, we finally get the combination correct, and opened the container. Inside we found a matching pair of wands (break enchantment and deathward), 3 divine scrolls (remove curse, scry and heal), a small silver box etched with skeletons, containing 4 grave candles (summons a spirit to answer questions), a leather portfolio embroidered with a “W”, containing a personal journal and a letter, oh…and a screaming severed head.

We examined the journal, which happened to be a 20 year old account ledger for Delve Haven. Delve Haven was the headquarters of the first expeditionary force sent by House Tross to explore the recently accessible new continent. The group of adventures in the expedition called themselves the Waverunners. While the entries in the ledger were fairly vague, it was apparent that there were some accounting discrepancies. The ledger also contained a list of missing Waverunners, including Solomon Trafalgar (possibly a relative of the priest, Zalen).

The letter provided more information. It was written by Major Vheed, who was investigating the Waverunners. He had discovered that the Waverunners brought something back from the Elven ruins they were exploring, and this caused a huge problem. In fact, the Waverunners had to seal Delve Haven because of it, leaving someone named Sevastion trapped (and possibly still alive). He interrogated the surviving Waverunners, but was unable to pry any information out of them. He specifically mentioned that both Zander and Aaron were present when the grave portal was unlocked, and that they were both hiding something. While he was frustrated by the Waverunners’ lack of cooperation, he was hopeful that the grave candles would provide more information. Specifically, he wanted to use them to speak with deceased Waverunners. Donetllas Bilsby, the leader of the expedition, supposedly had knowledge of a magical artifact, but was sealed in the lower vaults (volunteered?) as the others fled Delve Haven. Coreanne Heavensgate was slain when the portal opened. Her remains were collected by the Sisters of Eiseth, a devil-worshipping assassin cult. Loremaster Leriam was believed slain, his remains still trapped in Delve Haven. He authored a poem called Cugny’s Wedding, which may be a cipher. Captain Solomon Trafalgar ordered the sealing of Delve Haven, his status was unknown.

Along with the letter was a torn out page containing a poorly worded poem, Cugny’s Wedding, as well as notes for trying to break the cipher. Using the extra syllable found in every 12th line, we uncovered another poem within the original called “Wave Door”. It gave vague references to directions that lead to the Wave Door, the entry point for Delve Haven,which was sealed with a portal key. We worked out that the Wave Door is close to the Lost Cove, where the Dead Gods are. There is a black sand beach on the northeast shore, with the door located 300 feet northeast of the beach, submerged in the water. Using the maps the Tulita gave us, we believed that we could find the location.

We finally questioned the severed head. It belonged to a devil assassin of Mollach. She worked for Major Vheed, and used to live in Delve Haven. She was also slightly insane. Getting cogent information from her was difficult and she eventually sunk into a catatonic state.

Given our choices, we opted to use the candles to question the deceased members of the Waverunners. The easiest one to contact was Coreanne, as her remains were being held by the Sisters of Eiseth in a deserted part of Sentinel. We sought assistance from the Fendrillers, as they had useful intel. We assaulted the headquarters of the Sisterhood, an abandoned mortuary. After combating a fire elemental and 5 Sisters, we were able to search the ossiary, and collect Coreanne’s remains. We also realized that one of the Sisters was not present, so we leave evidence suggesting that the attack on the house was done by the Minochs, a local crime family.

Having retrieved Coreanne’s remains, we returned home, lit one of the grave candles, and summoned her spirit. She spoke of the Waverunners, and their life in Delve Haven. In addition to the members we already knew of, she mentioned Jilliere Ramirez, a curly-haired, dark skinned woman, Donaovan Montgomery and Belloch, Shakes’ ½ Orc friend. She said that Delve Haven was located deep underground, and was accessible through tunnels from the Undercity. One of these tunnels connects with the runed metal door similar to the one in the basement of our house. That door was believed to lead to the palace of the Day King. In their explorations of the new continent, The Waverunners came across 6 spheres that radiated powerful chaos magic. They recovered the 6th sphere in the Elven ruins they had been exploring. Solomon believed that the spheres were somehow keyed to the Black Hand, arch magi of the 3 Kings. As such, he advised against activating them. Aaron and Zander, arch mages in their own rights, believed that they could safely use the spheres, potentially gaining great power and knowledge. So, they performed a ritual to activate the spheres. Coreanne was elsewhere in Delve Haven during the ritual, however, after it was completed, she heard the sounds of magical battle. She witnessed 2 women emerging from Delve Haven. One was a native. The other had bone white hair. Shortly thereafter, a dark ash cascaded from the sky, killing anything it touched. Coreanne’s last memory was of the dark ash falling on her.

Acquired items:
Magical Combination lock box
Divine Scrolls – Remove Curse, Heal, Scry (Granan)
3 Grave Candles – Speak with Dead, only need portion of body (Granan)
Wand of Break Enchantment – 8 charges (Tobin)
Wand of Death Ward – 7 charges (Tobin)
5 potions of Lesser Restoration (one to each of us)
10 vials of black adder venom
5 bladed scarves – favored weapon of Sisters of Eiseth
5 crossbows


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