Raiders of the Savage Coast

The Dwarven Ruins

After returning the rescued slaves, we spend some time recuperating at the Tulita village. We also receive our tattoos and some training. In a final discussion with the village leaders, we are told that in 2 months there will be a meeting of the 3 Tulita tribes to discuss how they will deal with the return of the Devourer. They would like for us to be present as they will attempt to convince the tribe Elders that this resurgence in activity is not tied the arrival of our people. We were also given the name of a useful contact in Sentinel, Tulita Joe.

We return to meet with Hargrove, to tell him the status of his missing slaves. He was not pleased that we allowed them to escape, but he paid us anyway (500 gp). We then return to our inn, only to discover that Atahidan’s horse has had his mane shaved. Discussion with the stable boy reveals that it was meant as a message from a person named “Jeremy”. We presume that it has something to do with the attack we witnessed when we first arrived in town.

After weighing our job options, we decide to hire on with an expedition to explore some Dwarven ruins. The expedition is being organized by Bethany Razor, a captain of note and bearer of a Letter of Mark. The deal is that we outfit ourselves and get to keep 50% of whatever we find. The expedition itself is lead by Donovan “Shakes” Montgomery, a down on his luck captain. The expeditionary group is completed by Jenkins Barnes and 2 native porters.

The first day of the trip is spent heading towards the mountains, skirting the edge of the jungle. We set up camp at the entrance to an old mine. Zarine’s exploration of the mine discovers a grey ooze. We decide not to explore any further. That evening, we fend off a raptor attack, capturing one for future training.

By the end of the second day, we reach a small village. After dinner with them, one of the elders asks us to help them destroy an ape/bear that has been terrorizing the village. We agree. That evening, the ape/bear attacks. Athadian bravely challenges it, and just when we start to get the upper hand, its mate joins the fray. Eventually we kill both abominations. As a reward, the elder gives us a shrunken monkey head and a treasure map as rewards.

A couple of days later, we enter the jungle proper. After a while, we come across two sets of tracks, one human, the other much larger. The tracks lead into a clearing containing a giant ant hill and a grave with a hole torn out of its side. A man wearing a horrific mask and wielding a spear emerges from the hole, along with an undead troll. We engage and defeat them.

Acquired items:
Shrunken monkey head – casts Dispel Evil (melee touch, single use)
Treasure Map
+1 Spear – +d6 dam to creature tracked while holding it, +5 survival for tracking creature wounded by it
Amulet of Natural Armor +2
Onyx – ~1000 gp
Mask of Terror – +2 intimidate, casts Scare 1/day, +1 deflection to AC
Spell book


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