Raiders of the Savage Coast

The Long Descent

The elevator continues down. Part way down, we encounter a portion of the lava tube which is completely ringed with mithril etched with runes. As we pass through this area, all of the magic in our belonging is suppressed. The elevator continues down for 100 feet, ending at a guard chamber. At the end of the chamber is a set of large double doors bearing carved gargoyles, which exude an aura of fear. We force our way through the doors, and encounter two grell. We kill one, but the other escapes.

We search the room, and exit through the only doorway out, which is trapped. It opens into a larger room with a second level, accessible by a ladder, which is also trapped. The second level contains beds a table and a desk. We also find a holy symbol of Clangeddin (gem inside of a mountain) which radiates magic. On the table we find a letter Dwarven letter. It tells of a war, the planned flight from the city, and the creation of the barrier which kept this continent unapproachable. A hallway out of the room leads to a storage area, and eventually to another elevator platform.

We descend down the elevator, past another band of runed mithril. Shortly thereafter, we are set upon by 4 grell. After a protracted battle on the elevator (one of them had a wand of lightning!) we kill 3 of them, but the fourth escapes. The elevator stops in a large cavern containing a ruined city. On the far side of the lava tube, we can see another elevator platform allowing further descent. We travel through the ruined city. We find several destroyed rooms including barracks and apparent stables for dragons. We also find a finely crafted mithril statuette.

We eventually reach the other elevator and begin lowering it. Part way down, the elevator hits a platform constructed solely of skeletons. Further down, we can see another similar platform, occupied by dwarves. One of the dwarves gestures, and the bones on their platform extend to make a ramp up to ours. The 5 dwarves approach us. 4 are warriors. The fifth is a cleric with a holy symbol of a jeweled dagger (an apparent corruption of the symbol for the Dwarven god of wealth and well being). We attempt to parlay, but they seem to take exception to Granan, and attack us. We kill 3 of them, 1 surrenders, but the cleric escapes, along with the dwarves that had remained behind. We pursue them down to the next bone platform.

This platform is barricaded and guarded. Zarine speaks with them, explaining our purpose for being there, and requesting safe passage through their territory. They allow us to speak with their lord, as long as we relinquish our weapons. We do so, although some of us keep some weapons hidden on our persons. We are taken into a throne room, where we meet their lord, 3 hooded dwarves, and 3 knights. The lord has blood red eyes and fangs. He guarantees us safe passage, provided we give them Granan. We refuse and a massive melee ensues. Through the use of a well placed silence spell, a tiger figurine, and some amazing teamwork, we prevail.

Acquired Items:
Symbol of Clangeddin – radiates magic (Granan)
Finely crafted mithril statuette (Granan)
Scrolls (3) –entropic shield & aid, bone strength & summon monster II, invisibility & cause fear (Granan)
Tome of Understanding (Tobin)
Gems (~1200 gp)
+1 silver dagger (Tobin)
+1 mithril shirt (Zarine)
Masterwork daggers (3)
Dwarven ½ plate (3)
Holy symbol – clenched fist holding a heart (3)
Masterwork lt. crossbow (3)
Dwarven War Axe (3)
Shield (3)
Frost bolts (10) (Tobin)
Dwarven chainmail (3)


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