Raiders of the Savage Coast

The Missing Slaves

The trail of the missing slaves led us to a vast expanse of very brackish water. Off in the distance, we could see a structure. We made 2 make-shift rafts and proceeded towards the structure. After about fifty feet of poling through the muck, we started to hear singing. Shortly thereafter, creatures resembling children began to coalesce out of the muck itself, chanting a nursery rhyme. Then, a little ways off, a woman coalesced, singing a song of her own. The singing was entrancing, and 2 of our group fell listless. The rest of us engaged the woman in combat, defeating her and her unnatural spawn.

We continued on our way, and reached the structure without any other incidences. The structure itself was a half-sunken building. Following tracks, we entered the building, and were immediately set upon by 2 humanoid crocodiles in weed-like armor. From stories we had heard, we realized that these were members of the Cursed Tribe, followers of the Devourer. We quickly dispatched these foes and continued on.

A search of the immediate entryway and side corridors revealed 3 Dwarven constructs submerged in the water. Granan, channeling the power of his god, was able to activate 2 of them and issue them simple commands. With our numbers reinforced, we continued exploring the building, encountering and destroying several animated corpses along the way.

After further exploration, we came across a large chamber. In the middle of the chamber, suspended above the water, was a large cage containing the missing slaves. Only 3 ropes kept the cage from plunging into the depths, killing them all. Busily severing the ropes were several crocodile men. Preventing us from reaching the prisoners were more crocodile men lead by a scythe wielding spell caster in black robes, and a giant crocodile. We engaged the monsters, but were too slow. The last rope was severed and the prisoners began to drop into the water. Without regard for his own safety, Athadian ran to grab one of the ropes in an effort to keep the captives from drowning. Quick thinking Granan threw the prisoners a magical bottle of air, which would allow them to survive if the cage should fully submerge, which it eventually does. We eventually prevail, although one crocodile man escapes after being told by the spell caster to “get the money for the weapons for the queen”.

We free the prisoners, and after speaking with their leader, Kalla, escort them to her village on a nearby island. During the trip, she tells us of her captors, “The Fallen Ones”, and their worship of the Devourer. We also learn that the Devourer was only banished through the combined might of the Tortoise, the Dolphin and the Whale. Once at Kalla’s village, we rest and heal up. As a reward for our efforts, we are each offered a magical tattoo, weapons and armor, and training in their martial or magical arts.

Acquired Items:
12 coins (unknown metal) with shark emblem on them (from croc man)
3 Dwarven automatons
Breast plate – symbol of pathfinder lodge, +2, +2 AC if wearer makes a challenge (from skeleton)
Staff of Swarming Insects (from robed leader)


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