Raiders of the Savage Coast

The Temple of Deeper Chaos

The front door of the tower opened into what appeared to be an unoccupied bedroom. A quick search revealed a jade figure of a bloated, tentacle creature holding a cracked bell (presumably some totem of the Tolling Bell cult). Inscribed on its base were the words “And on the Night of Dissolution, we shall be free”. The only exit from the room was a single door, opposite of the door through which we entered. Upon listening at the door, we heard hushed voices in terse conversation. Opening the door revealed a large courtyard with partially excavated buildings. To one side was a passageway flanked by 2 statues of humanoids, with smoky glass spheres where their heads should have been. Zarine bravely entered the courtyard, and was immediately assaulted by two ratlings and 2 human/insect hybrid creatures. The rest of us rushed to her aid, and were rewarded by a barrage of arrows emanating from several locations around the courtyard. We quickly dispatched Zarine’s attackers, and sent the snipers running.

We continued our search of the Temple by examining the upper floor of the guard tower we entered. On the second floor, we found a small child resting in a web. He moved with ease through the webs in a spiderlike manner. Zarine and Granan parlayed with it and discovered that the Night of Dissolution is a time of planar conjunction. The cultists were building a machine that will be used at that time to release something(s) trapped in another plane. The creature, who wished to go by the name “Durt”, was sent here with the pretext of helping the cultists, but in actuality has been spying on them. As such, it didn’t have a vested interest in the success of the cult. Actually, it was more concerned with securing the release of its family from imprisonment. Granan and Zarine struck a deal with it, pledging to help free its family in return for its help destroying the cultists in this temple. The deal was sealed with a blood binding ritual of very old magic. Durt gave us information on the current inhabitants, which included a Tiefling with a quasit familiar, a chaos beast, a ½ centaur/ ½ fiend, a human High Priest, and a number of prisoners being held in cells. It also gave us a layout of the temple, and warned us of the many traps.

With this information in hand, we headed directly to the inner sanctum in order to confront the High Priest while we were at the height of our fighting strength. On the way, we came across a side room that was magically trapped. After disarming the trap with the password “Naztrax”, and entering the room, we were confronted by helmed and armored woman, with snakes coming out of her head (by the way, she was NOT mentioned by Durt. It must have slipped its mind…). Tobin called down a globe of darkness, and Ironforge preceded to destroy the creature, using his blind-fighting ability. Among her belongings, we found a number of history books and a map to a large machine called Chaositech Tower: Mrathrach.

We continued towards the inner sanctum, coming across Durt, who had graciously killed one of the temple guardians for us… and was feeding on him. We found more traps, which we dispelled as before, and finally reached the inner sanctum. We opened the doors to reveal a huge shaft, whose walls were lined with crystals. Light reflected off of the crystals in a dizzying display of colors, making it difficult to focus. In the middle of this madness floated a large island, with prisoners hanging from its bottom. On top of the island was a black alter, next to which was standing a woman, completely engulfed in flames. Seeing us, she flew up into the air and immediately cast a wall of fire upon us. In addition, a bell started tolling, instilling unease in us. At the same time, another woman stepped from behind the altar and began to pepper Ironforge with arrows. We retreated back into the hallway in order to avoid the archer, and engaged the flaming High Priest when she pursued. As Ironforge and the High Priest squared off, Tobin heard rapidly approaching hoof beats. The fiendish centaur was approaching. With Ironforge and Granan dealing with the High Priest, it was up to Zarine and Tobin to take care of the fiendish centaur. Using the tiger from the figurine for melee combat, Tobin and Zarine attacked with ranged weapons. Eventually the tiger was overcome, but it had done enough damage to allow Tobin and Zarine to finish off the centaur. At about the same time, Ironforge and Granan defeated the High Priest. After some brief healing, Ironforge quaffed a potion of levitation and leapt onto the island to finish off the archer. Examination of the High Priest revealed that she was wearing some sort of graft that allowed her be on fire without being injured.

Ironforge shuttled us all across to the floating island in order to rescue the prisoners and examine the altar. After using the password to remove a glyph, we opened a secret compartment in the altar uncovering a number of items, and a note referencing one of the items, Hearsbreath. As part of a ritual to be performed on the Night of Dissolution, Heartsbreath must be sacrificed. At this point, we decided to rest and fully recover.

Acquired items:

  • Full Plate +1
  • Noxious ray emitter (Granan) – d6 non lethal damage, Fort save DC16 or nauseated d6 + 1 rounds
  • Potion of Greater Fang (Tobin)
  • Jewelry worth ~1100 gp
  • 2 large emeralds worth ~ 1000 gp each
  • History books (Zarine)
  • Map to Mrathrach (Granan)
  • Potion of Blur (Tobin)
  • Wand of Cure Moderate (Zarine) – 23 charges
  • Key Chain
  • Brooch of Shielding (Granan)
  • large chain shirt +1
  • Oil of Greater Magic Weapon +3 (Ironforge)
  • Letter with notes (Zarine)
  • composite short bow +1 (Tobin) : Roguefriend: +1d6/2d6 for rogue, sentient, champion finder
  • 2 human bane arrows (Tobin)
  • 2 elven bane arrows (Tobin)
  • Boots of striding and springing (Ironforge)
  • Heartsbreath (Granan) – breaking does 10d6 to all chaotic in 100’ radius, +2 saves and AC to all lawfuls
  • Staff of Performance (Zarine) – 18 charges


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