Raiders of the Savage Coast

Under the Sea

We went to the City Council meeting to plan the defense of the Sentinel. Unfortunately there were many different opinions, which lead to very heated discussions. However, the council decided upon a defense strategy. A make shift wall will be constructed using the stone buildings in the Jade district as structural supports. Traps, snares and kill zones will be set in the Silk District in order to harry and slow down an enemy approach from there. The main road into Sentinel will be blocked by a barricade. To help with scouting and to slow the army’s progress in the jungle, we will seek the assistance of the Faeton, a race of beings that live in the deep jungle. Their help would be dependent upon us ridding their tar pits of a giant T rex.

With the defense of the city planned, we set off with Bethany Razor in order to rescue the Sea Elf Prince who went missing a while back. This was the same Se Elf that Zarine rescued from sharks on our transit to Sentinel. We reached the border of the Coral Kingdom without any incident, only to find that the area was strewn with the remains of warfare. We dove into the bloody waters, and descended to the sea floor, where we began to work our way through a kelp forest towards the Sea King’s Palace. As we traversed the forest, we were attacked by an undead, decaying giant. We quickly dispatched it. We later found out that it was a Yarrowdelg, a creature that the Devourer creates.

Eventually, we were able to see the Sea Kings Palace off in the distance. Jabroth, our guide and servent to the Prince, took us to an aquatic lizardman, Khab, who might know a back entrance into the palace. We found Khab drunk and barely conscious. However, he was able to tell us of a secret entrance that was guarded by “fishy things”. He saw them carrying an elf-sized bundle through it a couple of tide cycles ago, about the same time that the prince went missing. Zarine, using her ample persuasive abilities, convinced Khab to take us to the entrance. We founf the entrance guarded by 3 large Skum (Human/fish hybrids). We attack and kill them.

We examined the secret entrance and found a mermaid being held prisoner in kelp bonds. Zarine quickly approached the mermaid to help free her. When she reached her, the mermaid wrapped Zarnie in an affectionate embrace, and they began kiss. The mermaid began drawing Zarine in more tightly, to the point where she was being constricted. Zarine, enraptured by the moment, did not seem to care. After getting over our initial…shock…the rest of us attack the mermaid, at which time, it turned into a creature made wholly of seaweed. This was a dreaded Kelpie! Sensing the danger it was now in, the Kelpie summoned 2 strange creatures that were able to extend a ghostly hand into your chest and literally squeeze the air out of your lungs. We eventually defeated the foul beings, and continued through the secret entrance.

The entrance opened into a tunnel created by a lava flow, which lead to the bottom of the palace. The lava tube lead to a crossroads, where a giant octopus sat, attached to the ceiling. There was a rapid current flowing across our path, on the other side of which were 6 locatha. Tobin’s attempt to magically incapacitate the guards was fruitless. So, we attacked the octopus and killed it. Following on the heels of its death, Zarine snag a soothing melody, and calmed the surging cross current. We quickly engaged the guards and killed three of them. The remaining three retreated, supposedly to warn the King.

We followed the passage into a huge cavern. In its center was a magma flow, which lit the room in an eerie red light. Swimming above the flow was the Sea King and his Queen, a mermaid. The Sea King’s first wife had died, and he recently remarried this mermaid, the only survivor of a raid on the merefolk community. Above the two of them was swimming one of the largest sharks I have ever seen. The queen ordered the King to protect her, and set the three remaining guards, and the shark upon us. The shark immediately attacked, and scored what looked to be a killing bite on Ironforge. However, at the last moment, the bite was turn aside slightly, by what looked to divine energy radiating from Granan. Lucky for Ironforge, he was only swallowed whole. Amazingly, Ironforge quickly carved his way out of the giant shark. Covered in gore, he continued to engage the enormous beast. At about this time, the queen turned into a hideous hag. Simply looking upon her countenance induced a wave of fear and despair that we had to fight to keep from overwhelming us. Even so, the guards and King, seeing their fair queen transform into this horrific monster, continued to attack us. Granan astutely reasoned that they must be under some sort of enchantment, and cast a protective magic upon the King, freeing him from the hag’s control. The King, realizing what he had done and who he had been with, grabbed a piece of coral and promptly gouged out his eyes. Why such a show of remorse was warranted, it did NOT help us deal with the situation. By this time, we had taken care of the shark, and closed in on the hag. As we approached, she removed a pearl from her necklace and hurled it at us. As it reached us, it burst into a cloud of steam, scalding all those who were not able to evade it. Undaunted, we engaged the hag, and after a fierce battle where she almost escaped, we killed her. With her dying breath, she swore that her sisters would avenge her. A quick search of her body revealed that she had a large octopus sucker mark on her left breast. This was known as “the ring of the kraken” and is a mark of the Black Hand. Perhaps she was released from Delvehaven along with the others. This suggests that there may be more escapees that we do not know about. We also find on her a necklace of steamburst, cloak of resistance (+3), ring of evasion, coral and emarlad crown, coral armband, and pearl nipple ring.

We healed up, tended to the King and released the Prince from his prison cell. In gratitude, the King gave us 10,000 gp worth of pearls, and agreed to help defend the waters near Sentinel. In addition, he named us “Protectors of the Court of the Sea King”. Finally, he named Jabroth his ambassador to Sentinel. We escorted Jabroth back to Sentinel and found that the fortifications were coming along well.

We next headed out to find the Faeton. After a while, we reached their tarpits, and began our search for the giant T rex. It was a short search, as no sooner than we started, we heard (and felt) the approach of the gargantuan beast. After a protracted battle where Tobin, Ironforge and Granan were swallowed (Tobin and Ironforge repeatedly!), we finally destroyed the monster. Ironically, it was Zarine’s portal drake which landed the final blow. We took severl bdy parts as trophies, and found a +1 keen, cold iron Kukri.

The Faeton took us to their village where we feasted in celebration. Their leader, Tek-tek, offered his people’s aid in the upcoming battle. He als made mention of an abandoned settlement that used to be run by cat people. It was suggested that a search of the settlement might uncover weapons we could use to help defend Sentinel. The settlement consisted of a large ziggurat with statues of humans with jaguar heads. We entered the large chamber, and were immediately confronted with a jade figurine of a jaguar atop a number of totems to primitive gods. The area around the statue radiated illusion magic.

Acquired items:
Necklace of steamburst (type 5) – Zarine
Cloak of resistance
Ring of Evasion – Ironforge
Coral and emerald crown (3000 gp)
Coral armbands (200 gp)
Pearl nipple ring (100 gp)
Pearls (10,000 gp)


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