Raiders of the Savage Coast

Weapons of Mass Protection

In search of weapons to help defend Sentinel, we entered the ziggurat. We found ourselves in a large room with a jade statue of a jaguar atop a group of totems dedicated to primitive gods. The area around the statue radiated illusion magic. We dispelled the illusion, revealing a pit. Zarine volunteered to lower herself into its depths. As Granan tied a rope to Zarine, Athadian took the other end of the rope to fasten to a column outside. Focused on securing the rope, Atahdian failed to notice the large snake slowly descending towards him from an overhanging branch. Being distracted, Athadian was easy prey for the large reptile. Luckily, Granan heard the sounds of battle and was able to save Athadian before he was completely consumed. With the snake dispatched, they returned to the main chamber to assist Zarine in her descent. Initially Zarine made excellent progress. Unfortunately, a misplaced foot caused her to plummet into the water at the bottom of the pit. While still disoriented, she was set upon by an undead eel. Granan began climbing down to assist Zarine, but the walls of the pit proved too slippery, and he too fell into the murky water. Athadian, barely recovered from his encounter with the snake, bravely jumped into to the pit to save his compatriots. With the three of them working together, they made quick work of the eel. A search of the pit uncovered a sentient rapier.

A further search of the pit revealed a passageway lined with friezes of cat-headed people fighting monsters and animals. The passage emptied into a room with a bamboo platform raised halfway to the ceiling. While we examined the platform, a large winged serpent appeared and addressed us, asking us what we were doing here. We explained our quest for weapons to defend Sentinel. After much thought, the serpent, who introduced itself as Tonat, agreed to help us. It said that Granan was blessed by the Old Gods and that a war was coming, one of greater scope than we think. It also told us of the history of the inhabitants of this place, who it referred to as its children. They were killed by Skinwalkers, demonic servants of the Elder Gods, who were once again beginning to stir. Before their destruction, they spent years crafting weapons for their defense. Unfortunately, a surprise attack by the demons prevented them from using the weapons. As their foes are related to the foes we face, the serpent offered us the weapons. It also provided Granan with 3 of its feathers, which he could use to summon him as a Planar Ally.

We returned to Sentinel to find that great progress had been made on the defensive efforts. The Sea Elves had sent whale riders and support troops. They were working with Cmmdr. Bonaduce, at sea. The Faeton had provided much needed tar for the defensive battlements. Given that we had about another week before the attack, we went in search of another weapons cache. This one was located in the Cove of the Old Gods, located near an active volcano. Following a lava tunnel, we entered a large cavern with fissures leading directly into the molten lava. Carved into the back wall of the cavern, we found a statue of an 8 foot tall bat with its claws wrapped around an empty niche. As we approached the statue, a swarm of small bats emerged from the fissure and attacks us. While we were fighting off the bats, a shadowy creature separated itself from the statue. Once fully emerged, the creature took the form of a monstrous bat with razor sharp fangs. Radiating heat and breathing fire, it viciously attacked us. After a prolonged battle, we finally vanquished the beast.

We examined the statue to uncover that it was actually a door. Zarine was able to magically open it, revealing a small room with numerous items on the wall. After some experimenting, we realized that each of us can only take one item. Ironforge chose 4 mithral breastplate. Zarine opted for the ring of invisibility. The Pearl of Power (level 4) drew Granan’s attention. Tobin went with the Stone of Good Luck. Athadian decided on the Amulet of Magic Armor (3).

With our newly acquired items in hand, we returned to Sentinel, only to hear some discouraging news. The invading army included over a dozen pterodactyl-riding goblins outfitted with fire pots. In addition, a large force of sharkmen and shark-riding sauhagin had joined a pirate fleet, and were poised to assault Sentinel by sea. Finally, our old adversary Vincenz had been smuggled out of prison during the riots, and was most likely joining our enemies. On top of all of this, a large storm began to form. Intersetingly, it appeared to be localized over Sentinel…

Acquired items:
Sentient rapier – Zarine
Masterwork war claws (spiked/club gauntlets): 40
Masterwork longbows: 20
Masterwork short spears: 10
Masterwork long spears: 10
1 wounding war club (2 to hit/ +2d6 damage)
+2 longbow (evil/outsider bane)
+1 holy greatsword
+4 Mithril Breastplate – Ironforge
Ring of Invisibility – Zarine
Pearl of Power (level 4) – Granan
Stone of Good Luck – Tobin
+3 Amulet of Magic Armor – Athadian


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