Raiders of the Savage Coast

Welcome to Sentinel

As we approached the port of Sentinel, we noticed that the city itself is located near an active volcano, and that there is a large section of the city that is underwater. The docks were full of natives, rapidly loading and unloading ships. We disembarked and headed towards the Dockmaster. While waiting in line, several of the natives began an assault on the guards and one of the warships. We joined with the guards and repelled the attack.

Eventually, we register with the Dockmaster, and enter the city proper. The city itself is divided into several districts. The Bay District is directly off of the port, and is known for gambling and danger. The Tide District is also near the port, and is where vessels dock and trade goods are bought and sold. The Jade District contains the more upscale shops and boutiques. The Silk District is known for its arts and artisans. The Plantations are where exotic fruits and saffron are grown. Finally, there are the Outskirts, where most of the natives live. This is also where Bldg 222 is located.

We decided to stay at the Golden Goose Inn in the Silk District. We rested up and began to plan our next few days here.


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