Crown Adamant

Supposedly the crown of Dwarven Kings


Adamantine crown of protection +2

Comprehend Languages (Su): you continually understand all spoken and written languages, as if
continually affected by the comprehend languages spell.


The Crown Adamant, an item of legacy, appears as a plain crown forged of pure adamantine and set with a single smooth oval, red gemstone above the brow. Golden sparks can be seen flaring to life and dying constantly inside the gem, whose origin is a mystery.

Legend says that the Crown Adamant came directly to the Melairkyn dwarves from the god Dumathoin himself, who wished to bestow his favor upon the Melairkyn dwarves, granting unto their leader the secrets of stone. Regardless of where the crown came from, it is known that the crown was placed
upon the brow of King Melair I upon his coronation, and has adorned the brow of each of his heirs since then.

Crown Adamant

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