Raiders of the Savage Coast

The Crossing

Our voyage to the Sentinel began on the docks of Liberty. Ocean crossings such as ours our began about 100 years ago, when the barrier preventing exchange between the two continents fell away inexplicably. While boarding our ship, two interesting things happened. First, a prisoner was loaded onto the ship. Second, a crazed man accosted Athadian with a knife, and then turned the weapon on himself. After the crazed man was taken away, and the boarding completed, we set sail. The ship was captained by Jack Finn, who traveled in the company of his consort, Celene. Other members of the crew included, Huxley – the 1st mate, Tomasz – the navigator, Bull – a crewman, Dert – the cabin boy, Old Pete – a crewman, and Wendt – the cook. In addition to ourselves, there were other passengers: two priests of Galdrinn, Jalamar and Zalain and a mysterious red-haired woman named Aleera (member of the Red Hand – high priced assassins). The prisoner, Vincensz was kept in the hold, shackled in a cage.

The first 5 days of travel were uneventful, aside from some bad dreams that Granan had. However, on the sixth day that all changed. In the middle of that afternoon, the sky went completely black, and not in the natural, eclipse sort of way. Whatever happened spooked the rats on the ship, because they all poured out on deck and jumped overboard. About half an hour later, the darkness receded, and we found ourselves 200 miles south of where we were supposed to be. Given the state of our rations, the only route left to us was through a dangerous stretch of sea, known for ship vanishings. Needless to say, crew morale was low. We did what we could to raise it, including some inspired performances by Zarine and a boxing exhibition between Bull and Athadian.

We were awakened the next morning by Celene, screaming at the top of her lungs. Captain Jack was dead, lying in a pool of his own blood, his glass eye missing. Huxley assumed command of the ship, and made preparations for the captain’s burial. After the burial, morale continued to plummet. Accusations of murder were leveled at everyone. Much of this seemed to be at the instigation of the prisoner, Vincensz.

That evening, the wind dies down, and a thick fog arises and surrounds the ship. A warning from the crow’s nest alerted us to an approaching ship, The Sea Bear, which had been lost in this area and presumed destroyed. The ship itself was in a state of disrepair, and truthfully should not have been seaworthy. Upon boarding the ship, we noticed that the mast had been replaced with a darkwood totem pole. As we searched the ship, certain members of the boarding party began acting strangely, taking on alternate personalities. We encountered and defeated a zombie, and then headed back to our ship. Upon emerging from below decks, we saw Bull attempting to sacrifice Dert to the totem pole. As we tried to stop Bull, the ship animated, and started attacking us. In addition, undead came up from below decks and joined in the attack. We eventually destroyed the totem pole and the undead. Unfortunately, Bull was lost in the melee. We finished searching the ship and found a person, Thallius, locked in the brig. We release him, and then destroy the ship using its stores of gunpowder.

In our absence, things on our ship had gotten worse. By evening, accusations of the captain’s murder had lead to open fighting. By the following evening, moral was at an all time low. Tomasz took the opportunity to stage a mutiny, accused Huxley of killing the captain and placed him in the brig. Vincensz was set free and appeared to be consulting with Tomasz and Celene.

A few days later, we came across the remnants of a battle between some sea elves and sauhugin. Zarine saw a surviving sea elf, rescued him from attacking sharks and nursed him back to health. He informed us that the war had flared up about a year ago after the return of “The Devourer of All”, an old god. After giving Zarine a token of appreciation, he returned to the sea.

About 3 days from port, we spotted Sentinel warships approaching us. They sent a party, led by Cmmdt. Bonaduce, over to our ship. Upon hearing our testimonies, they arrest Vincensz and Tomasz, and pilot our ship into port.

Acquired Items:
Message in a bottle with map coordinates (retrieved by Zarine)
Sea Bear’s safe box
Chaos orb
Dolphin idol
Whale idol
Turtle idol
3 crates high quality fleece
Deed to bldg 222 in Sentinel, signed PR.

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