Raiders of the Savage Coast

The Siege of Sentinel

In an attempt to get better intelligence on the invading force, and possibly inflict some damage to slow them down, we scout out the enemy camp and sneak in. After an initial investigation, we decide to send Athadian, Zarine, Tobin and 3 halflings in. Athadian blew up the weapons depot and set off the Heartsbreath, an artifact that kills creatures devoted to Chaos. In the ensuing confusion, Zarine, Tobin and the halflings poison the feed for the animals. While they were leaving the camp, they saw an albnino woman, a black robed figure and a large native with draconic features taking charge and restoring order to the camp.

In the meantime, while waiting for the others, Ironforge and Granan are attacked by The Hand of Slaughter, a mercenary group that had been hired to kill us. While it was touch and go for a while, Ironforge and Granan are able to escape the ambush and make it back to the rest of the group. All return to Sentinel to await the beginning of the siege.

The eminent attack did not occur the next day. Supposedly enough damage was done to the invading army to postpone the invasion. None the less, the enemy naval forces engaged those of Sentinel. Unfortunately, our respite is short lived. On the following dawn, the attack begins. It starts with a bombardment of the city walls by giants hurling boulders. As the walls begin to collapse, we sneak out to confront the giants. Catching them by surprise, we are able to disrupt the barrage and dispatch the giants. As the giants are being finished off, fires began erupting throughout the harbor district. Small groups of pirates were setting off flares, which were then used as targets for fireballs cast by wizards on ships in the harbor. Tobin and Zarine quickly turn the tables on the pirates by targeting the pirates with illusionary flares of their own, thus tricking the wizards off-shore into targeting the pirates with their fireballs.

We return to the city proper, only to be drawn to the Cathedral district by screams of pain and terror. Snipers have positioned themselves in a building outside the temple, and are shooting people seeking healing. Athadian and Granan perform a frontal assault on the building while Ironforge and Zarine sneak in through a window. Tobin provides cover fire for the group. Athadian and Granan encounter a number of wizards, which they dispatch, while Ironforge and Zarine engage a group of rogues. After breaking up the snipers, we return to the square outside the main temple to help with the wounded.

Just as order is being restored, a giant undead construct which resembles a purple worm bursts from the ground. After a prolonged melee, where Athadian, Granan and Zarine get engulfed, the construct is destroyed. However, its destruction causes it to burst open, releasing scores of undead. With the help of the priests, the undead are finally put down.

As the last of the undead are being mopped up, a shadow dragon approaches and lands in the square. Along with the dragon arrives a humongous crocodile man and an albino witch who appears to be using magical chains to control a scimitar-wielding woman. Athadian engages the woman. Ironforge attacks the crocodile man, and Tobin takes on the witch. However, Zarine has the critical job of using her magic flute to control the shadow dragon. In an epic battle of wills which could have left her a burned out husk, or worse, a play thing under control of the dragon, Zarine triumphs and eventually forces the dragon to flee. Both the crocodile man and the woman are killed. Unfortunately, Zander is killed and the albino witch escapes. With this defeat, the attacking army’s will is broken, and the siege lifted.

Upon returning to our home, we find that someone has broken into the house and accessed the secret room in the basement. Supposedly whoever it was had used the distraction caused by the siege to attempt to steal the weapons of Chaos. Luckily these weapons had been previously removed and given to Aaron.

In the aftermath of the siege, we take the next several days to recuperate. While the major storm has broken, the weather remains rainy and windy. Zarine gets approached by Malakai, the head of the Night Theatre to discuss a joint venture. Cmmdt. Bonaduce enlists Ironforg’es assistance in leading a Tulita scouting force. Thorad Ironfist, leader of the Mallarkin Clan pledges his people to serve and follow Granan with the intent of restoring his clan and regaining Glimmerhome. Tobin spends his time reading the Tome of the Mad Gods, a book written by a dwarven mage who was a member of the Black Hand. The tome is a handbook on the Planes with the goal of destroying the universe and thus releasing the sleeping mad gods.

The respite ends when Cmmdt. Bonaduce informs the group that one of the stars of the Night Theatre, Mordana, has been missing for a week.

Acquired Items:
2 potions of cure moderate wounds – Athadian/Ironforge
2 scrolls of invisibility – Tobin
2 rings of protection (1)
2 cloaks of resistance (
1) – Athadian
Scroll of Fly – Zarine
3000 gp – Tobin’s share donated to poor, displaced, orphans and widows in his House’s name
Ring of the Sophisticate
Scholar’s Ring
Mithril heavy shield
Boneless leather armor (+5 escape artist)
Metamagic rod of intensify magic
Darkwood Staff of Spirit Talking (12 charges)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Cmmdt. Bonaduce stops by and asks us to investigate the disappearance of a dancer from the Night Theatre. She had not been seen for a week, and people were beginning to worry. The following morning, we head out to the Theatre, accompanied by our newest addition, a warrior from the Tortoise tribe named Bloodsword. Upon reaching the theatre, Orsk, the head of security, informs us that the dancer has returned, unharmed. Orsk directs us to her location, where we find her happily rehearsing. Once she finishes, we question her about her whereabouts for the last week. She claims that with all of the recent problems the city has been experiencing, she felt it safer for her to stay at home, so she had taken the week off. A magical scan of her surface thoughts picks up nothing. She also tells us that she feels like someone has been watching her when she walks home. The feeling becomes especially intense as she passes an abandoned mannequin factory across from her house. We decide to investigate by following her home after rehearsal that evening.

The walk back to her house is uneventful. However, once we reach her home, we do notice that someone is watching us from a window in the abandoned mannequin factory across the street. An examination of the factory reveals that the front door, while locked, has been used recently. We pick the lock and peer into the factory. A cursory glance reveals nothing but aged mannequin parts. We step into the building for a more thorough inspection. However, before we could begin a search, we are immediately set upon by a disheveled man. We attempt to forestall combat by attempting to parlay with him, to no avail. Eventually, we are forced to defend ourselves, which ends in the man’s death. When we search his corpse, we find love poems written to the dancer. Apparently, he was just a run of the mill fan/stalker. We inform Bonaduce. Surveillance of the dancer’s house for the next day and evening is fruitless.

Upon returning home, we are informed that Athadian stopped by. He left us a bunch of poetry that referenced the dancer, and implied that she was still in danger. These poems are of a different quality from the ones we found in the factory, suggesting a different poet. They make reference to the local ship graveyard. So, we gear up and head out. The graveyard itself is littered with the rusting husks of not only ships, but all manner of metal conveyances. We notice creatures moving about, mainly centered around a broken prison cart and ship hull. As we approach the area of activity, we see a large metallic dwarf sitting on the broken ship’s hull. When Zarine approaches the dwarven automaton to converse with it, the ground beneath us erupts in a huge explosion, throwing some of us yards away, while burying others. During this chaos, three more automatons appear, and enter melee with us. In addition, three more attack us with thrown axes while a fourth throws spells at us. After a protracted battle, we destroy all of our attackers, except the spell-caster, a spider-type automaton which we see fleeing the area.

We follow the escaping automaton to a large metal coach made of three connected cars. As we approach the cars, we are hit with the stench of rotting flesh. Upon opening the door to the first car, we see that the horrible smell is coming from meat hanging from the ceiling on hooked chains. The meat seems to be moving and pulsing. When we enter the car, the chains animate and attack. We exit and attempt to enter from the car on the opposite side. It too is filled with chains. However, these chains contain human parts, including the head of the dancer! The head looks to have been there for several days, suggesting that the “dancer” we had been talking with was not who she appeared to be. Tobin uses clairvoyance to look into the center car, and sees the spider automaton as well as some other being hiding in the back corner. When we try to enter the car, the chains animate as they did in the other car. We decided to unhook the outer car to gain direct access to the center car.

When we open the door to the center car, Zarine is struck with a sudden sense of dread, and flees. However, we see no one inside, only hooked chains hanging from the ceiling. Granan casts invisibility purge, which reveals the spider automaton, and a beautiful woman with hooks in her skin, staring back at us with pupilless eyes. Zarine returns, and uses her flute to control the automaton. At that point, the chains animate, extend, and attack us. Bloodsword and Ironforge rush in to attack the creature, eventually dispatching it.

From what we find, we surmise that this creature has been replacing the citizens of Sentinel with lifelike automatons. That may be why Tobin’s detect thoughts spell detected nothing from the dancer. At this point, we have no idea who has been replaced, why they have been replaced nor who was ultimately behind this nefarious plot.

Acquired items:

+2 keen double scimitar
+2 leather armor
+4 bracers of armor
+1 vicious heavy mace
Wand of fear (1 charge)
Wand of scorching ray (18 charges)
Wand of shield of faith
Bag of holding with dwarven automaton heads
Automaton spider legs which can be attached to any automaton.

Prison Break (In)

Our day started out with a request from Cmmdt. Bonaduce to assist him with a murder investigation. A wizard at the local university had been found by his assistant, dead at his desk. From the looks of things, he had been killed there, and then something had been removed from the desk after his murder. The only physical evidence left by the murderer was a single bloody footprint. This indicated that the perpetrator was male and humanoid. That really narrowed down the list of suspects…

To initiate our investigation, we decided to speak with the assistant, Alecia. She had no idea who would kill him or why. According to her, he was a well-respected teacher with an aptitude for theory, especially those dealing with chaos and alternate realities. While she couldn’t think of any possible enemies he may have had, Alecia did make mention of a recently hired janitor who would sit in on his lectures. Hel also helped out the librarian in the stacks. Questioning the librarian, we learned that the janitor, Korbin, volunteered in the library in order to get access to some of the older, classic books. Interestingly, she noticed that Korbin was quite familiar with an old, out-dated method of organizing books on shelves. Aside from that little tidbit, the only other thing we learned from her was that Korbin grew up in an orphanage by the docks, and used to work with Inspector Victor St. Germaine. This is the same Inspector St. Germaine that had Kidnapped and attempted to kill Zaline Jaltos because he believed that she and many of her fellow nobles were members of a secret Chaos cult. We last saw Victor several months ago after we defeated him and rescued Zaline. This connection couldn’t be coincidental.

Further inquiries at the orphanage and docks revealed that Korbin was a studious and introspective person. He hadn’t been seen at the orphanage since Victor fell into disgrace, but he had been seen in the area hanging out with our old shipmate, Durt. Tanke together, we felt that our best bet at finding Korbin was to find Victor. Sources informed us that Victor was hiding out at the insane asylum, which had recently been taken over by the inmates. After checking in with Cmmdt. Bonduce, who provided us with some very useful intelligence, we headed to the asylum.

Using divination spells, we found out that Victor was holding out in the deepest part of the compound. This would require us to fight our way through 3 levels of inmates even before we got to Victor. Not optimal! Zarine had the clever idea of asking her drake whether there was a portal we could use, which there was. With the drakes help, we used the portal, which dropped us off on a landing with stairs leading up. Zarine translated some of the writing on the stair, which read in ancient script “Follow Chartuse’s annual plight to enter this holy place right”. Chartuse was one of the high proests of one of the early kings here. We climbed the stairs, avoiding traps, and stepped through the door at the top.

The door led to a long hall, covered in glowing glyphs and hieroglyphics. The west wall had a mural of a great plague ravaging the city. On the north wall, a horde of cats, led by a priest, was descending on the city, devouring the plague-carrying rats. On the east wall was a mural of people praising the priest while he was installed as king. At the end of the hall was a huge statue of a man wielding a mace with a lion’s head on it. Closer examination of the statue revealed a secret compartment at its base, which contained a statue of a lion. In addition, we found 2 more secret doors on the walls, one behind a picture of a coffer, and the other behind a picture of a dessert. Upon opening the door behind the picture of the coffer, the statue of the man animates and attacks us. Luckily, Zarine was able to use her flute to control it, and we destroyed it. We returned to the secret door, disabled a number of traps and found the treasure room. Inside, we found a canopic jar which radiated strong magic.

We returned to the main hall and opened a door leading to a room covered in fine black sand, with catwalks criss-crossing in the air. 4 mummified lions stood guarding the room. Ironforge valiantly entered and quickly dispatched the lions. Within the dessicated remains of the lions, we found another canopic jar. We climbed the catwalks to the ceiling of the room, from whence we heard flute music playing, accompanied by a song. The song described 3 canopic jars which needed to be destroyed in order to kill a guardian mummy. Luckily, we had already found two. One more to go. Following the music, we found a door leading to a vaulted door with a combination lock. Zarine quickly realized the it was a musical combination, played the notes and thus opened the door. We were presented with a female, sitting in a reed boat, playing a flute. When we tried to speak with her, she used her music to attack us. We quickly shut the door and returned to the main hall.

We next went through the door behind the picture of the desert. The script on the picture read “Retrieve the key for a chance to defeat part of me”. We opened the door and entered into a large, circular chamber with a domed roof, from which a key is suspended within a globe. We flew up to remove the key, when all of a sudden a vortex of sand erupts from the floor and attacks us. We battled the sand creature, finally defeating it. Upon its destruction, we found a large opening in the floor leading to another room. This room contained several jars, two of which were magical. Neither were canopic jars. We did, however, find a key. The key opened a secret door to a compartment holding the second canopic jar.

With all three jars in hand, we attempted to destroy them, only to find that they were heavily protected by abjuration magic. Our attempts apparently awoke the mummy, who immediately attacked us. After a prolonged battle which was touch and go, at best, we finally defeated the mummy, and loot his sarcophagus.

After all of that, we finally enter the asylum proper. From the mummy’s temple, we enter into a large chamber with forges, worked by men, but overseen by a stone giant. They were crafting weapons made out of a strange black metal. Needless to say, we put the forge out of commission. Magical interrogation of the giant revealed that Vincent was the leader of this group and that he was torturing Vincenz, the crazy man we travelled across the ocean with.

We took an elevator down, which opened up into a long hallway, where we encountered J’leara Ramirez, one of the original Waverunners. We bargained to let her escape of she provided us with information. She informed us that the Asylum takeover was orchestrated by Victor, who has his own agenda, which involves a serial killer in the city. He still smarted from our previous encounter, and wants us to suffer. In addition, he believes that Hargrove and Cmmdt. Bonaduce are conspirators in the Chaos cult. Vincenz has been captured and tortured for his foresight ability. With this in hand, we confronted Vincent and his two lieutenants, a fallen paladin and a priest. At the end, Victor tried to convince us that we were working for the wrong side, and that we should join him. We declined. With his last breaths, he warned that he would have his revenge through his protégé. Ominous words indeed!

Acquired items:
- 3 Thundering heavy mace (with lion’s head)
- Ointment of restoration (5X) (Granan)
- Potion of remove disease (
5), neutralize poison, cure light wounds (Granan)
- +2 breast plate
- Periapt of wisdom
- Ring of the ram (24)
- Scroll (mass inflict moderate wounds, summon monster IV)
- Python staff (evil)
- Mask of the Lion (remove fear, +5 stealth, 1/day take the form of a creature within 60’ for +10 disguise, +1 attack to creature disguised as
-random assortment of black metal weapons (some for use underwater)
- +2 greatsword of wounding
- potion of cure serious wounds
- +3 rapier
- bracers or armor +5
- cloak of resistance +3
- ring of protection +3


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