Raiders of the Savage Coast

Prison Break (In)

Our day started out with a request from Cmmdt. Bonaduce to assist him with a murder investigation. A wizard at the local university had been found by his assistant, dead at his desk. From the looks of things, he had been killed there, and then something had been removed from the desk after his murder. The only physical evidence left by the murderer was a single bloody footprint. This indicated that the perpetrator was male and humanoid. That really narrowed down the list of suspects…

To initiate our investigation, we decided to speak with the assistant, Alecia. She had no idea who would kill him or why. According to her, he was a well-respected teacher with an aptitude for theory, especially those dealing with chaos and alternate realities. While she couldn’t think of any possible enemies he may have had, Alecia did make mention of a recently hired janitor who would sit in on his lectures. Hel also helped out the librarian in the stacks. Questioning the librarian, we learned that the janitor, Korbin, volunteered in the library in order to get access to some of the older, classic books. Interestingly, she noticed that Korbin was quite familiar with an old, out-dated method of organizing books on shelves. Aside from that little tidbit, the only other thing we learned from her was that Korbin grew up in an orphanage by the docks, and used to work with Inspector Victor St. Germaine. This is the same Inspector St. Germaine that had Kidnapped and attempted to kill Zaline Jaltos because he believed that she and many of her fellow nobles were members of a secret Chaos cult. We last saw Victor several months ago after we defeated him and rescued Zaline. This connection couldn’t be coincidental.

Further inquiries at the orphanage and docks revealed that Korbin was a studious and introspective person. He hadn’t been seen at the orphanage since Victor fell into disgrace, but he had been seen in the area hanging out with our old shipmate, Durt. Tanke together, we felt that our best bet at finding Korbin was to find Victor. Sources informed us that Victor was hiding out at the insane asylum, which had recently been taken over by the inmates. After checking in with Cmmdt. Bonduce, who provided us with some very useful intelligence, we headed to the asylum.

Using divination spells, we found out that Victor was holding out in the deepest part of the compound. This would require us to fight our way through 3 levels of inmates even before we got to Victor. Not optimal! Zarine had the clever idea of asking her drake whether there was a portal we could use, which there was. With the drakes help, we used the portal, which dropped us off on a landing with stairs leading up. Zarine translated some of the writing on the stair, which read in ancient script “Follow Chartuse’s annual plight to enter this holy place right”. Chartuse was one of the high proests of one of the early kings here. We climbed the stairs, avoiding traps, and stepped through the door at the top.

The door led to a long hall, covered in glowing glyphs and hieroglyphics. The west wall had a mural of a great plague ravaging the city. On the north wall, a horde of cats, led by a priest, was descending on the city, devouring the plague-carrying rats. On the east wall was a mural of people praising the priest while he was installed as king. At the end of the hall was a huge statue of a man wielding a mace with a lion’s head on it. Closer examination of the statue revealed a secret compartment at its base, which contained a statue of a lion. In addition, we found 2 more secret doors on the walls, one behind a picture of a coffer, and the other behind a picture of a dessert. Upon opening the door behind the picture of the coffer, the statue of the man animates and attacks us. Luckily, Zarine was able to use her flute to control it, and we destroyed it. We returned to the secret door, disabled a number of traps and found the treasure room. Inside, we found a canopic jar which radiated strong magic.

We returned to the main hall and opened a door leading to a room covered in fine black sand, with catwalks criss-crossing in the air. 4 mummified lions stood guarding the room. Ironforge valiantly entered and quickly dispatched the lions. Within the dessicated remains of the lions, we found another canopic jar. We climbed the catwalks to the ceiling of the room, from whence we heard flute music playing, accompanied by a song. The song described 3 canopic jars which needed to be destroyed in order to kill a guardian mummy. Luckily, we had already found two. One more to go. Following the music, we found a door leading to a vaulted door with a combination lock. Zarine quickly realized the it was a musical combination, played the notes and thus opened the door. We were presented with a female, sitting in a reed boat, playing a flute. When we tried to speak with her, she used her music to attack us. We quickly shut the door and returned to the main hall.

We next went through the door behind the picture of the desert. The script on the picture read “Retrieve the key for a chance to defeat part of me”. We opened the door and entered into a large, circular chamber with a domed roof, from which a key is suspended within a globe. We flew up to remove the key, when all of a sudden a vortex of sand erupts from the floor and attacks us. We battled the sand creature, finally defeating it. Upon its destruction, we found a large opening in the floor leading to another room. This room contained several jars, two of which were magical. Neither were canopic jars. We did, however, find a key. The key opened a secret door to a compartment holding the second canopic jar.

With all three jars in hand, we attempted to destroy them, only to find that they were heavily protected by abjuration magic. Our attempts apparently awoke the mummy, who immediately attacked us. After a prolonged battle which was touch and go, at best, we finally defeated the mummy, and loot his sarcophagus.

After all of that, we finally enter the asylum proper. From the mummy’s temple, we enter into a large chamber with forges, worked by men, but overseen by a stone giant. They were crafting weapons made out of a strange black metal. Needless to say, we put the forge out of commission. Magical interrogation of the giant revealed that Vincent was the leader of this group and that he was torturing Vincenz, the crazy man we travelled across the ocean with.

We took an elevator down, which opened up into a long hallway, where we encountered J’leara Ramirez, one of the original Waverunners. We bargained to let her escape of she provided us with information. She informed us that the Asylum takeover was orchestrated by Victor, who has his own agenda, which involves a serial killer in the city. He still smarted from our previous encounter, and wants us to suffer. In addition, he believes that Hargrove and Cmmdt. Bonaduce are conspirators in the Chaos cult. Vincenz has been captured and tortured for his foresight ability. With this in hand, we confronted Vincent and his two lieutenants, a fallen paladin and a priest. At the end, Victor tried to convince us that we were working for the wrong side, and that we should join him. We declined. With his last breaths, he warned that he would have his revenge through his protégé. Ominous words indeed!

Acquired items:
- 3 Thundering heavy mace (with lion’s head)
- Ointment of restoration (5X) (Granan)
- Potion of remove disease (
5), neutralize poison, cure light wounds (Granan)
- +2 breast plate
- Periapt of wisdom
- Ring of the ram (24)
- Scroll (mass inflict moderate wounds, summon monster IV)
- Python staff (evil)
- Mask of the Lion (remove fear, +5 stealth, 1/day take the form of a creature within 60’ for +10 disguise, +1 attack to creature disguised as
-random assortment of black metal weapons (some for use underwater)
- +2 greatsword of wounding
- potion of cure serious wounds
- +3 rapier
- bracers or armor +5
- cloak of resistance +3
- ring of protection +3

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Cmmdt. Bonaduce stops by and asks us to investigate the disappearance of a dancer from the Night Theatre. She had not been seen for a week, and people were beginning to worry. The following morning, we head out to the Theatre, accompanied by our newest addition, a warrior from the Tortoise tribe named Bloodsword. Upon reaching the theatre, Orsk, the head of security, informs us that the dancer has returned, unharmed. Orsk directs us to her location, where we find her happily rehearsing. Once she finishes, we question her about her whereabouts for the last week. She claims that with all of the recent problems the city has been experiencing, she felt it safer for her to stay at home, so she had taken the week off. A magical scan of her surface thoughts picks up nothing. She also tells us that she feels like someone has been watching her when she walks home. The feeling becomes especially intense as she passes an abandoned mannequin factory across from her house. We decide to investigate by following her home after rehearsal that evening.

The walk back to her house is uneventful. However, once we reach her home, we do notice that someone is watching us from a window in the abandoned mannequin factory across the street. An examination of the factory reveals that the front door, while locked, has been used recently. We pick the lock and peer into the factory. A cursory glance reveals nothing but aged mannequin parts. We step into the building for a more thorough inspection. However, before we could begin a search, we are immediately set upon by a disheveled man. We attempt to forestall combat by attempting to parlay with him, to no avail. Eventually, we are forced to defend ourselves, which ends in the man’s death. When we search his corpse, we find love poems written to the dancer. Apparently, he was just a run of the mill fan/stalker. We inform Bonaduce. Surveillance of the dancer’s house for the next day and evening is fruitless.

Upon returning home, we are informed that Athadian stopped by. He left us a bunch of poetry that referenced the dancer, and implied that she was still in danger. These poems are of a different quality from the ones we found in the factory, suggesting a different poet. They make reference to the local ship graveyard. So, we gear up and head out. The graveyard itself is littered with the rusting husks of not only ships, but all manner of metal conveyances. We notice creatures moving about, mainly centered around a broken prison cart and ship hull. As we approach the area of activity, we see a large metallic dwarf sitting on the broken ship’s hull. When Zarine approaches the dwarven automaton to converse with it, the ground beneath us erupts in a huge explosion, throwing some of us yards away, while burying others. During this chaos, three more automatons appear, and enter melee with us. In addition, three more attack us with thrown axes while a fourth throws spells at us. After a protracted battle, we destroy all of our attackers, except the spell-caster, a spider-type automaton which we see fleeing the area.

We follow the escaping automaton to a large metal coach made of three connected cars. As we approach the cars, we are hit with the stench of rotting flesh. Upon opening the door to the first car, we see that the horrible smell is coming from meat hanging from the ceiling on hooked chains. The meat seems to be moving and pulsing. When we enter the car, the chains animate and attack. We exit and attempt to enter from the car on the opposite side. It too is filled with chains. However, these chains contain human parts, including the head of the dancer! The head looks to have been there for several days, suggesting that the “dancer” we had been talking with was not who she appeared to be. Tobin uses clairvoyance to look into the center car, and sees the spider automaton as well as some other being hiding in the back corner. When we try to enter the car, the chains animate as they did in the other car. We decided to unhook the outer car to gain direct access to the center car.

When we open the door to the center car, Zarine is struck with a sudden sense of dread, and flees. However, we see no one inside, only hooked chains hanging from the ceiling. Granan casts invisibility purge, which reveals the spider automaton, and a beautiful woman with hooks in her skin, staring back at us with pupilless eyes. Zarine returns, and uses her flute to control the automaton. At that point, the chains animate, extend, and attack us. Bloodsword and Ironforge rush in to attack the creature, eventually dispatching it.

From what we find, we surmise that this creature has been replacing the citizens of Sentinel with lifelike automatons. That may be why Tobin’s detect thoughts spell detected nothing from the dancer. At this point, we have no idea who has been replaced, why they have been replaced nor who was ultimately behind this nefarious plot.

Acquired items:

+2 keen double scimitar
+2 leather armor
+4 bracers of armor
+1 vicious heavy mace
Wand of fear (1 charge)
Wand of scorching ray (18 charges)
Wand of shield of faith
Bag of holding with dwarven automaton heads
Automaton spider legs which can be attached to any automaton.

The Siege of Sentinel

In an attempt to get better intelligence on the invading force, and possibly inflict some damage to slow them down, we scout out the enemy camp and sneak in. After an initial investigation, we decide to send Athadian, Zarine, Tobin and 3 halflings in. Athadian blew up the weapons depot and set off the Heartsbreath, an artifact that kills creatures devoted to Chaos. In the ensuing confusion, Zarine, Tobin and the halflings poison the feed for the animals. While they were leaving the camp, they saw an albnino woman, a black robed figure and a large native with draconic features taking charge and restoring order to the camp.

In the meantime, while waiting for the others, Ironforge and Granan are attacked by The Hand of Slaughter, a mercenary group that had been hired to kill us. While it was touch and go for a while, Ironforge and Granan are able to escape the ambush and make it back to the rest of the group. All return to Sentinel to await the beginning of the siege.

The eminent attack did not occur the next day. Supposedly enough damage was done to the invading army to postpone the invasion. None the less, the enemy naval forces engaged those of Sentinel. Unfortunately, our respite is short lived. On the following dawn, the attack begins. It starts with a bombardment of the city walls by giants hurling boulders. As the walls begin to collapse, we sneak out to confront the giants. Catching them by surprise, we are able to disrupt the barrage and dispatch the giants. As the giants are being finished off, fires began erupting throughout the harbor district. Small groups of pirates were setting off flares, which were then used as targets for fireballs cast by wizards on ships in the harbor. Tobin and Zarine quickly turn the tables on the pirates by targeting the pirates with illusionary flares of their own, thus tricking the wizards off-shore into targeting the pirates with their fireballs.

We return to the city proper, only to be drawn to the Cathedral district by screams of pain and terror. Snipers have positioned themselves in a building outside the temple, and are shooting people seeking healing. Athadian and Granan perform a frontal assault on the building while Ironforge and Zarine sneak in through a window. Tobin provides cover fire for the group. Athadian and Granan encounter a number of wizards, which they dispatch, while Ironforge and Zarine engage a group of rogues. After breaking up the snipers, we return to the square outside the main temple to help with the wounded.

Just as order is being restored, a giant undead construct which resembles a purple worm bursts from the ground. After a prolonged melee, where Athadian, Granan and Zarine get engulfed, the construct is destroyed. However, its destruction causes it to burst open, releasing scores of undead. With the help of the priests, the undead are finally put down.

As the last of the undead are being mopped up, a shadow dragon approaches and lands in the square. Along with the dragon arrives a humongous crocodile man and an albino witch who appears to be using magical chains to control a scimitar-wielding woman. Athadian engages the woman. Ironforge attacks the crocodile man, and Tobin takes on the witch. However, Zarine has the critical job of using her magic flute to control the shadow dragon. In an epic battle of wills which could have left her a burned out husk, or worse, a play thing under control of the dragon, Zarine triumphs and eventually forces the dragon to flee. Both the crocodile man and the woman are killed. Unfortunately, Zander is killed and the albino witch escapes. With this defeat, the attacking army’s will is broken, and the siege lifted.

Upon returning to our home, we find that someone has broken into the house and accessed the secret room in the basement. Supposedly whoever it was had used the distraction caused by the siege to attempt to steal the weapons of Chaos. Luckily these weapons had been previously removed and given to Aaron.

In the aftermath of the siege, we take the next several days to recuperate. While the major storm has broken, the weather remains rainy and windy. Zarine gets approached by Malakai, the head of the Night Theatre to discuss a joint venture. Cmmdt. Bonaduce enlists Ironforg’es assistance in leading a Tulita scouting force. Thorad Ironfist, leader of the Mallarkin Clan pledges his people to serve and follow Granan with the intent of restoring his clan and regaining Glimmerhome. Tobin spends his time reading the Tome of the Mad Gods, a book written by a dwarven mage who was a member of the Black Hand. The tome is a handbook on the Planes with the goal of destroying the universe and thus releasing the sleeping mad gods.

The respite ends when Cmmdt. Bonaduce informs the group that one of the stars of the Night Theatre, Mordana, has been missing for a week.

Acquired Items:
2 potions of cure moderate wounds – Athadian/Ironforge
2 scrolls of invisibility – Tobin
2 rings of protection (1)
2 cloaks of resistance (
1) – Athadian
Scroll of Fly – Zarine
3000 gp – Tobin’s share donated to poor, displaced, orphans and widows in his House’s name
Ring of the Sophisticate
Scholar’s Ring
Mithril heavy shield
Boneless leather armor (+5 escape artist)
Metamagic rod of intensify magic
Darkwood Staff of Spirit Talking (12 charges)

Weapons of Mass Protection

In search of weapons to help defend Sentinel, we entered the ziggurat. We found ourselves in a large room with a jade statue of a jaguar atop a group of totems dedicated to primitive gods. The area around the statue radiated illusion magic. We dispelled the illusion, revealing a pit. Zarine volunteered to lower herself into its depths. As Granan tied a rope to Zarine, Athadian took the other end of the rope to fasten to a column outside. Focused on securing the rope, Atahdian failed to notice the large snake slowly descending towards him from an overhanging branch. Being distracted, Athadian was easy prey for the large reptile. Luckily, Granan heard the sounds of battle and was able to save Athadian before he was completely consumed. With the snake dispatched, they returned to the main chamber to assist Zarine in her descent. Initially Zarine made excellent progress. Unfortunately, a misplaced foot caused her to plummet into the water at the bottom of the pit. While still disoriented, she was set upon by an undead eel. Granan began climbing down to assist Zarine, but the walls of the pit proved too slippery, and he too fell into the murky water. Athadian, barely recovered from his encounter with the snake, bravely jumped into to the pit to save his compatriots. With the three of them working together, they made quick work of the eel. A search of the pit uncovered a sentient rapier.

A further search of the pit revealed a passageway lined with friezes of cat-headed people fighting monsters and animals. The passage emptied into a room with a bamboo platform raised halfway to the ceiling. While we examined the platform, a large winged serpent appeared and addressed us, asking us what we were doing here. We explained our quest for weapons to defend Sentinel. After much thought, the serpent, who introduced itself as Tonat, agreed to help us. It said that Granan was blessed by the Old Gods and that a war was coming, one of greater scope than we think. It also told us of the history of the inhabitants of this place, who it referred to as its children. They were killed by Skinwalkers, demonic servants of the Elder Gods, who were once again beginning to stir. Before their destruction, they spent years crafting weapons for their defense. Unfortunately, a surprise attack by the demons prevented them from using the weapons. As their foes are related to the foes we face, the serpent offered us the weapons. It also provided Granan with 3 of its feathers, which he could use to summon him as a Planar Ally.

We returned to Sentinel to find that great progress had been made on the defensive efforts. The Sea Elves had sent whale riders and support troops. They were working with Cmmdr. Bonaduce, at sea. The Faeton had provided much needed tar for the defensive battlements. Given that we had about another week before the attack, we went in search of another weapons cache. This one was located in the Cove of the Old Gods, located near an active volcano. Following a lava tunnel, we entered a large cavern with fissures leading directly into the molten lava. Carved into the back wall of the cavern, we found a statue of an 8 foot tall bat with its claws wrapped around an empty niche. As we approached the statue, a swarm of small bats emerged from the fissure and attacks us. While we were fighting off the bats, a shadowy creature separated itself from the statue. Once fully emerged, the creature took the form of a monstrous bat with razor sharp fangs. Radiating heat and breathing fire, it viciously attacked us. After a prolonged battle, we finally vanquished the beast.

We examined the statue to uncover that it was actually a door. Zarine was able to magically open it, revealing a small room with numerous items on the wall. After some experimenting, we realized that each of us can only take one item. Ironforge chose 4 mithral breastplate. Zarine opted for the ring of invisibility. The Pearl of Power (level 4) drew Granan’s attention. Tobin went with the Stone of Good Luck. Athadian decided on the Amulet of Magic Armor (3).

With our newly acquired items in hand, we returned to Sentinel, only to hear some discouraging news. The invading army included over a dozen pterodactyl-riding goblins outfitted with fire pots. In addition, a large force of sharkmen and shark-riding sauhagin had joined a pirate fleet, and were poised to assault Sentinel by sea. Finally, our old adversary Vincenz had been smuggled out of prison during the riots, and was most likely joining our enemies. On top of all of this, a large storm began to form. Intersetingly, it appeared to be localized over Sentinel…

Acquired items:
Sentient rapier – Zarine
Masterwork war claws (spiked/club gauntlets): 40
Masterwork longbows: 20
Masterwork short spears: 10
Masterwork long spears: 10
1 wounding war club (2 to hit/ +2d6 damage)
+2 longbow (evil/outsider bane)
+1 holy greatsword
+4 Mithril Breastplate – Ironforge
Ring of Invisibility – Zarine
Pearl of Power (level 4) – Granan
Stone of Good Luck – Tobin
+3 Amulet of Magic Armor – Athadian

Under the Sea

We went to the City Council meeting to plan the defense of the Sentinel. Unfortunately there were many different opinions, which lead to very heated discussions. However, the council decided upon a defense strategy. A make shift wall will be constructed using the stone buildings in the Jade district as structural supports. Traps, snares and kill zones will be set in the Silk District in order to harry and slow down an enemy approach from there. The main road into Sentinel will be blocked by a barricade. To help with scouting and to slow the army’s progress in the jungle, we will seek the assistance of the Faeton, a race of beings that live in the deep jungle. Their help would be dependent upon us ridding their tar pits of a giant T rex.

With the defense of the city planned, we set off with Bethany Razor in order to rescue the Sea Elf Prince who went missing a while back. This was the same Se Elf that Zarine rescued from sharks on our transit to Sentinel. We reached the border of the Coral Kingdom without any incident, only to find that the area was strewn with the remains of warfare. We dove into the bloody waters, and descended to the sea floor, where we began to work our way through a kelp forest towards the Sea King’s Palace. As we traversed the forest, we were attacked by an undead, decaying giant. We quickly dispatched it. We later found out that it was a Yarrowdelg, a creature that the Devourer creates.

Eventually, we were able to see the Sea Kings Palace off in the distance. Jabroth, our guide and servent to the Prince, took us to an aquatic lizardman, Khab, who might know a back entrance into the palace. We found Khab drunk and barely conscious. However, he was able to tell us of a secret entrance that was guarded by “fishy things”. He saw them carrying an elf-sized bundle through it a couple of tide cycles ago, about the same time that the prince went missing. Zarine, using her ample persuasive abilities, convinced Khab to take us to the entrance. We founf the entrance guarded by 3 large Skum (Human/fish hybrids). We attack and kill them.

We examined the secret entrance and found a mermaid being held prisoner in kelp bonds. Zarine quickly approached the mermaid to help free her. When she reached her, the mermaid wrapped Zarnie in an affectionate embrace, and they began kiss. The mermaid began drawing Zarine in more tightly, to the point where she was being constricted. Zarine, enraptured by the moment, did not seem to care. After getting over our initial…shock…the rest of us attack the mermaid, at which time, it turned into a creature made wholly of seaweed. This was a dreaded Kelpie! Sensing the danger it was now in, the Kelpie summoned 2 strange creatures that were able to extend a ghostly hand into your chest and literally squeeze the air out of your lungs. We eventually defeated the foul beings, and continued through the secret entrance.

The entrance opened into a tunnel created by a lava flow, which lead to the bottom of the palace. The lava tube lead to a crossroads, where a giant octopus sat, attached to the ceiling. There was a rapid current flowing across our path, on the other side of which were 6 locatha. Tobin’s attempt to magically incapacitate the guards was fruitless. So, we attacked the octopus and killed it. Following on the heels of its death, Zarine snag a soothing melody, and calmed the surging cross current. We quickly engaged the guards and killed three of them. The remaining three retreated, supposedly to warn the King.

We followed the passage into a huge cavern. In its center was a magma flow, which lit the room in an eerie red light. Swimming above the flow was the Sea King and his Queen, a mermaid. The Sea King’s first wife had died, and he recently remarried this mermaid, the only survivor of a raid on the merefolk community. Above the two of them was swimming one of the largest sharks I have ever seen. The queen ordered the King to protect her, and set the three remaining guards, and the shark upon us. The shark immediately attacked, and scored what looked to be a killing bite on Ironforge. However, at the last moment, the bite was turn aside slightly, by what looked to divine energy radiating from Granan. Lucky for Ironforge, he was only swallowed whole. Amazingly, Ironforge quickly carved his way out of the giant shark. Covered in gore, he continued to engage the enormous beast. At about this time, the queen turned into a hideous hag. Simply looking upon her countenance induced a wave of fear and despair that we had to fight to keep from overwhelming us. Even so, the guards and King, seeing their fair queen transform into this horrific monster, continued to attack us. Granan astutely reasoned that they must be under some sort of enchantment, and cast a protective magic upon the King, freeing him from the hag’s control. The King, realizing what he had done and who he had been with, grabbed a piece of coral and promptly gouged out his eyes. Why such a show of remorse was warranted, it did NOT help us deal with the situation. By this time, we had taken care of the shark, and closed in on the hag. As we approached, she removed a pearl from her necklace and hurled it at us. As it reached us, it burst into a cloud of steam, scalding all those who were not able to evade it. Undaunted, we engaged the hag, and after a fierce battle where she almost escaped, we killed her. With her dying breath, she swore that her sisters would avenge her. A quick search of her body revealed that she had a large octopus sucker mark on her left breast. This was known as “the ring of the kraken” and is a mark of the Black Hand. Perhaps she was released from Delvehaven along with the others. This suggests that there may be more escapees that we do not know about. We also find on her a necklace of steamburst, cloak of resistance (+3), ring of evasion, coral and emarlad crown, coral armband, and pearl nipple ring.

We healed up, tended to the King and released the Prince from his prison cell. In gratitude, the King gave us 10,000 gp worth of pearls, and agreed to help defend the waters near Sentinel. In addition, he named us “Protectors of the Court of the Sea King”. Finally, he named Jabroth his ambassador to Sentinel. We escorted Jabroth back to Sentinel and found that the fortifications were coming along well.

We next headed out to find the Faeton. After a while, we reached their tarpits, and began our search for the giant T rex. It was a short search, as no sooner than we started, we heard (and felt) the approach of the gargantuan beast. After a protracted battle where Tobin, Ironforge and Granan were swallowed (Tobin and Ironforge repeatedly!), we finally destroyed the monster. Ironically, it was Zarine’s portal drake which landed the final blow. We took severl bdy parts as trophies, and found a +1 keen, cold iron Kukri.

The Faeton took us to their village where we feasted in celebration. Their leader, Tek-tek, offered his people’s aid in the upcoming battle. He als made mention of an abandoned settlement that used to be run by cat people. It was suggested that a search of the settlement might uncover weapons we could use to help defend Sentinel. The settlement consisted of a large ziggurat with statues of humans with jaguar heads. We entered the large chamber, and were immediately confronted with a jade figurine of a jaguar atop a number of totems to primitive gods. The area around the statue radiated illusion magic.

Acquired items:
Necklace of steamburst (type 5) – Zarine
Cloak of resistance
Ring of Evasion – Ironforge
Coral and emerald crown (3000 gp)
Coral armbands (200 gp)
Pearl nipple ring (100 gp)
Pearls (10,000 gp)

...And the Hand Wipes

Fully rested, we went to find the prison cells in order to release the remaining captives. As we approached the prison, we could hear the sounds of someone being tortured. We quickly opened the door, and were immediately set upon by a woman, who had been augmented to have razor sharp teeth, and a distending jaw. We dispatched her, and examined the cells. One was occupied by a teenaged girl named Kori. The second contained a clerk named Lorat. The third held a Halfling named Glyva. All three had been kidnapped by cultists and brought here. The fourth cell contained a troll. He claimed that his master was killed, and then adopted Ironforge as his new master. The fifth held an ogre. The sixth contained a dead sea elf with a tattoo of intertwining saragasso leaves. We released them all, and then escorted the humans and Halfling back to the surface. On our trek, we learned that the Halfling had been tracking the cultists into the deep forest, where he was waylaid by crocodile men. During his capture, he saw that the cultists were being led by a tall blond woman. She mentioned a “path to Nelcashel”, and that they had to go there to retrieve the Mirrors of Prophecy.

Upon reaching the surface and returning home, we heard talk of a new popular game being played at the Cock Pit. The name of the game was Mrathrack, which was an interesting coincidence, as it was also the name of the first and most powerful member of the Blackhand. Intrigued, we headed over to the Cock Pit to check the game out. The game involved a huge circular wheel with channels in it. People would put droplets of blood in a channel, which would coalesce into an image of the donor. The wheel would be spun, the blood came together, and an image of the winner would appear in the collected blood. The whole device was magical, and funneled chaos energy from the gambling. Where the energy went, and what it was being used for remained a mystery.

We next went to visit Cmmdr. Bonaduce, Aaron, Shakes, Bellach, Zander and Bethany. We told them everything we knew about the army, the chaos cults and Mrathrack. Zarine gave an impassioned speech about the need to put aside old differences and work together for the greater good. That, and a promise to exclusively date Zander, convinced them to join and organize the defense of the city. However, to truly protect the city, we would need the help of the Tulita, the Fendrillers and the City Council. We convinced the Fendrillers to act as scouts in order to get information on the size and location of the army. We then visited the Tulita Elders. They had dire tales to relay to us. Shark attacks had been increasing along the coast. Pirates had begun worshipping the Devourer. Tribesmen would go missing for days, only to return as frenzied warriors of the Devourer. The Witch Queen had been gathering forces, and digging for ore in order to make weapons of great foulness. Weresharks were also increasing the raiding. Even given all of this, the Tulita were willing to assist the city, as long as we found some way to deal with the wereshark attacks, the city stopped its practice of over-whaling, and stopped enslaving the Tulita.

We then visited the Temple of Dumathoin to inform Banderal of the situation. While he could not take direct action in the defense of the city, he pledged healing when needed. He also provided Ironforge with a matching magical longsword and shortsword. They had been forged to fight the Blackhand. While at the temple, we spoke with Joanna. She gave us information on Krackus, Lord of the Maelstrom. He may have been the only old god to survive, and embodies the destructive force of the ocean. She also gave us 2 potions of water breathing, and 2 salves of gill growth.
We next went to speak with Aaron again, who had gotten information about the army massing for an attack. He discovered that they were about 3 – 4 days away, deep in the swamp. It contained 500 – 800 soldiers (~100 crocodile men, a bunch of kobolds/humanoids, ~200-300 tribesmen, some witches) and a black dragon…no problem

With this information in hand, we set about persuading the major Houses on the City Council to help defend the city and accede to the Tulita requests. We quickly uncovered that any united action from the Council depended on getting the support of House Tross, and either House Tillinghast or Hargrove. Since Tillinghast had come under the influence of the being instigating all of the troubles in Sentinel, we decided to go with Hargrove. Convincing Wymont Tross was relatively simple, once we informed him that we knew about his little fetish (and I do mean “little”). However, he was wary of crossing Hargrove, and would only support us if Hargrove threw in his support. Before speaking with Hargrove, we decided to get some more information about him from his estranged wife, The Baroness (who’d been having an affair with Cmmdr. Bonaduce). We found out from her that Hargrove has greater ambitions beyond Sentinel, and would eventually like to become a major power in the Empire. To these ends, he’d been stockpiling arms and armor. Using this, Zarine spun a tantalizing vision for Hargrove, with him saving the city, and being known far and wide as “The Savior of Sentinel”. He bought into this, but in order for him to support us on the Council, he required that we personally lead the defense of the city. There was one other stipulation…that we be named “Hargrove’s Hand”. Well, you know what they say about the hand and wiping…

Acquired items:
Ring of Prtoection +2
Potion of Owl’s Wisdom
Banderal’s longsword and shortsword – +2 indivdual. When wielded together, +4 each w/ defending ability. 1 / day lycanthrope bane (duration = level)
2 potions of water breathing
2 salves of gill growth.

The Temple of Deeper Chaos

The front door of the tower opened into what appeared to be an unoccupied bedroom. A quick search revealed a jade figure of a bloated, tentacle creature holding a cracked bell (presumably some totem of the Tolling Bell cult). Inscribed on its base were the words “And on the Night of Dissolution, we shall be free”. The only exit from the room was a single door, opposite of the door through which we entered. Upon listening at the door, we heard hushed voices in terse conversation. Opening the door revealed a large courtyard with partially excavated buildings. To one side was a passageway flanked by 2 statues of humanoids, with smoky glass spheres where their heads should have been. Zarine bravely entered the courtyard, and was immediately assaulted by two ratlings and 2 human/insect hybrid creatures. The rest of us rushed to her aid, and were rewarded by a barrage of arrows emanating from several locations around the courtyard. We quickly dispatched Zarine’s attackers, and sent the snipers running.

We continued our search of the Temple by examining the upper floor of the guard tower we entered. On the second floor, we found a small child resting in a web. He moved with ease through the webs in a spiderlike manner. Zarine and Granan parlayed with it and discovered that the Night of Dissolution is a time of planar conjunction. The cultists were building a machine that will be used at that time to release something(s) trapped in another plane. The creature, who wished to go by the name “Durt”, was sent here with the pretext of helping the cultists, but in actuality has been spying on them. As such, it didn’t have a vested interest in the success of the cult. Actually, it was more concerned with securing the release of its family from imprisonment. Granan and Zarine struck a deal with it, pledging to help free its family in return for its help destroying the cultists in this temple. The deal was sealed with a blood binding ritual of very old magic. Durt gave us information on the current inhabitants, which included a Tiefling with a quasit familiar, a chaos beast, a ½ centaur/ ½ fiend, a human High Priest, and a number of prisoners being held in cells. It also gave us a layout of the temple, and warned us of the many traps.

With this information in hand, we headed directly to the inner sanctum in order to confront the High Priest while we were at the height of our fighting strength. On the way, we came across a side room that was magically trapped. After disarming the trap with the password “Naztrax”, and entering the room, we were confronted by helmed and armored woman, with snakes coming out of her head (by the way, she was NOT mentioned by Durt. It must have slipped its mind…). Tobin called down a globe of darkness, and Ironforge preceded to destroy the creature, using his blind-fighting ability. Among her belongings, we found a number of history books and a map to a large machine called Chaositech Tower: Mrathrach.

We continued towards the inner sanctum, coming across Durt, who had graciously killed one of the temple guardians for us… and was feeding on him. We found more traps, which we dispelled as before, and finally reached the inner sanctum. We opened the doors to reveal a huge shaft, whose walls were lined with crystals. Light reflected off of the crystals in a dizzying display of colors, making it difficult to focus. In the middle of this madness floated a large island, with prisoners hanging from its bottom. On top of the island was a black alter, next to which was standing a woman, completely engulfed in flames. Seeing us, she flew up into the air and immediately cast a wall of fire upon us. In addition, a bell started tolling, instilling unease in us. At the same time, another woman stepped from behind the altar and began to pepper Ironforge with arrows. We retreated back into the hallway in order to avoid the archer, and engaged the flaming High Priest when she pursued. As Ironforge and the High Priest squared off, Tobin heard rapidly approaching hoof beats. The fiendish centaur was approaching. With Ironforge and Granan dealing with the High Priest, it was up to Zarine and Tobin to take care of the fiendish centaur. Using the tiger from the figurine for melee combat, Tobin and Zarine attacked with ranged weapons. Eventually the tiger was overcome, but it had done enough damage to allow Tobin and Zarine to finish off the centaur. At about the same time, Ironforge and Granan defeated the High Priest. After some brief healing, Ironforge quaffed a potion of levitation and leapt onto the island to finish off the archer. Examination of the High Priest revealed that she was wearing some sort of graft that allowed her be on fire without being injured.

Ironforge shuttled us all across to the floating island in order to rescue the prisoners and examine the altar. After using the password to remove a glyph, we opened a secret compartment in the altar uncovering a number of items, and a note referencing one of the items, Hearsbreath. As part of a ritual to be performed on the Night of Dissolution, Heartsbreath must be sacrificed. At this point, we decided to rest and fully recover.

Acquired items:

  • Full Plate +1
  • Noxious ray emitter (Granan) – d6 non lethal damage, Fort save DC16 or nauseated d6 + 1 rounds
  • Potion of Greater Fang (Tobin)
  • Jewelry worth ~1100 gp
  • 2 large emeralds worth ~ 1000 gp each
  • History books (Zarine)
  • Map to Mrathrach (Granan)
  • Potion of Blur (Tobin)
  • Wand of Cure Moderate (Zarine) – 23 charges
  • Key Chain
  • Brooch of Shielding (Granan)
  • large chain shirt +1
  • Oil of Greater Magic Weapon +3 (Ironforge)
  • Letter with notes (Zarine)
  • composite short bow +1 (Tobin) : Roguefriend: +1d6/2d6 for rogue, sentient, champion finder
  • 2 human bane arrows (Tobin)
  • 2 elven bane arrows (Tobin)
  • Boots of striding and springing (Ironforge)
  • Heartsbreath (Granan) – breaking does 10d6 to all chaotic in 100’ radius, +2 saves and AC to all lawfuls
  • Staff of Performance (Zarine) – 18 charges
Down the Rabbit(?) Hole

We descended down the shaft in the garden, left by the creature which attacked House Jaltos. It opened into a large room in an old tunnel system. Spare body parts were strewn about the room, as though the creature was assembled here and then sent to attack us. A search of the room revealed footprints (humanoid and rat-like) leading into a smaller shaft set into the floor. We decided to send Tobin down on a rope. About half way down, Tobin got shot with poisoned bullets, paralyzing him. Unable to hold onto the rope, he fell to the bottom of the shaft. He was then roughly grabbed, and dragged off. Rushing to his rescue, Ironforge quickly climbed down the shaft. Unfortunately, midway down, a section of the shaft extended out from the wall, closing off the shaft above and below Ironforge, essentially trapping him. Drawing on enormous reserves of strength, Ironforge broke through the bottom barrier, and eventually reached the bottom. As Granan and Zarine worked their way through the upper barrier, Ironforge took off in pursuit of Tobin’s abductors.

Paralyzed, Tobin could only take notice of who had attacked him. Looking around, he saw 3 ratlings with guns and 2 well-armed men, one of which was carrying him. Being unable to do anything to affect an escape, Tobin activated the power of the Necklace of the Night Sky. First, he was immediately surrounded by a globe of darkness, slowing his captors departure. Then, he sent the ratlings fleeing using the necklace’s fear power. This gave Ironforge the time and conditions to quickly engage the two men in combat. Eventually, Granan and Zarine join Ironforge, finishing of the men and freeing Tobin.

Healing up, we followed the passageway, leading us to a door, and a wall with a secret door. The normal door opened into a small bed chamber, adorned simply with a sleeping mat. Examination of the mat triggered an explosive trap, which prompted a barrage of gunfire and spells from previously hidden slots along one of the walls. We quickly exited the room, and opened the secret door in order to engage our assailants. We were confronted by a very tall, bone white Elf in robes, a Dark Elf woman wielding a spear, a weasel-faced man armed with a pistol and short sword, and an animated amalgamation of body parts. The Elf was temporarily neutralized by a grease spell, and the construct was kept distracted by Zarine’s drake. This left the Dark Elf and the gunman. However, even with our advantage in numbers, dispatching these remaining two was more difficult than expected. The Dark Elf was extremely competent with the spear, being able to attack more often than expected. While Ironforge was able to keep driving her back, she was able to do him great injury. And then, the balance tipped. Reinforcements arrived. Three ratlings, a dire rat and another Elf joined the fray. The ratlings and dire rat set up a perimeter, protecting the Elf, who proceeded to heal his wounded companions. In addition, the construct disabled the drake and slowly began to absorb it into its being. The situation looked bleak. However, we fought on. After a protracted battle, we were able to destroy the construct, kill the ratlings, dispatch the dire rat, disabled the gunman, and forced the others to retreat. As we were in no position to pursue, we retreated to rest and rememorize spells.

While recuperating, we caught the Elf wearing robes as he tries to sneak past us invisibly. We convinced him to give us information for free passage to the surface. He claimed to not know who Mary Black is, but told us that she is very powerful and is organizing all of the chaos cults in the area. She has brought together The Crimson Coil, The Brotherhood of Venom, and The Tolling bell. She has also enlisted the aid of a crime lord in the city proper. He described meeting two women who match the description that was given to us by the mortician, previously. We also learn that his companions had retreated to the Temple of Deep Chaos, which is run by the cult of the Tolling Bell. The Temple was excavated by the cults, under the direction of Mary Black. Mary is planning use the Temple and the chaos cults to free the 3 kings on the Night of Dissolution, which is some sort of planar conjunction. The Temple itself is accessible through a secret door, which he points out for us. Guarding the Temple is a fallen Dwarf, a female tiefling, and a magical, shape-shifting spider. In addition, residents of the Temple may be armed with Chaos weapons, needle bombs, binding bombs and acid wands. Having provided us whit this valuable information, we let him loose.

We opened the secret door and entered into a large cavern. In the middle of the cavern was what appeared to be an entire keep. Closest to us was what remained of the courtyard. We entered the courtyard. Following the Elf’s directions, we located where the Dwarf guardian was. We were able to sneak up om him and quickly eliminate him before he can signal a warning. After searching his guard station, we cautiously approached the tower entrance to the keep. A search of the door revealed no traps.

Acquired items:
+1 Full Plate (Granan)
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds – 16 charges (Granan)
Lich Dust poison – 2 doses [ingested, 2d6 str every 3 rnds, DC17, 3 saves] (Tobin)
+1 Chain Shirt
+2 Gloves of Dexterity (Tobin)
Spider venom poison – 4 doses [paralyze DC14] (Tobin)
2 Holy Symbols – Brotherhood of Venom, coiled viper
+1 Studded leather armor
+1 Short sword (Tobin)
Masterwork double pistol
Crimson Coil cultist ring – 2
Key (from gunman)
Full plate
Wood shield
+1 battle axe
Pearl of Power – 1st level spell (Granan)
Potion of levitation
Scroll – Divine: Cure Light Wound x3, Monster Summon x3 – Granan
Silver and Mithral amulet of a skull – 150 gp
Key to a chest (Dwarf guardian)
400 gp

History Revealed

Once the wounded were tended to, we decided to check out the tunnel the creature used to enter the courtyard. Interestingly, it was not a recent excavation. In fact, the tunnel had been dug at least 20 years ago. At about this time, Cmmdt. Bonaduce excused himself to take care of a wereshark attack at the harbor. It appears as though the attacks had been coordinated. As we were discussing whether to explore the tunnel, Zarine noticed that Zander and Chambers were exchanging knowing glances, as if they recognized the tunnel. Zarine questioned them about it. While it was obvious that they knew something, they were reluctant to share any information. Shortly thereafter, Zarine hear the words “Talk to Donovan” waft by on an errant breeze. Figuring that this was sent by either Zander or Chambers, we headed out to the Broken Skull to find Donovan (Shakes).

We found Donovan drinking with his ½ Orc buddy. He seemed eager to discuss the tunnels with us, but for some reason was compelled not to. Unable to speak about it directly, he made a number of vague references to a very attractive, youthful looking older woman (Mary Black?), the fact that no one knows who brought the veil down and who were the first explorers here, and the black hand (servants of the 3 Kings). Shakes then excused himself and quickly returned with a small sack. He gave us the bag, telling us that we can use it to find someone who can help us. We accepted his gift and headed back to our home.

Upon returning home, we upended the sack to reveal a 12 sided container. Each side held a magical rune. We intuited that the runes were a form of magical combination lock. After a couple of aborted attempts, we finally get the combination correct, and opened the container. Inside we found a matching pair of wands (break enchantment and deathward), 3 divine scrolls (remove curse, scry and heal), a small silver box etched with skeletons, containing 4 grave candles (summons a spirit to answer questions), a leather portfolio embroidered with a “W”, containing a personal journal and a letter, oh…and a screaming severed head.

We examined the journal, which happened to be a 20 year old account ledger for Delve Haven. Delve Haven was the headquarters of the first expeditionary force sent by House Tross to explore the recently accessible new continent. The group of adventures in the expedition called themselves the Waverunners. While the entries in the ledger were fairly vague, it was apparent that there were some accounting discrepancies. The ledger also contained a list of missing Waverunners, including Solomon Trafalgar (possibly a relative of the priest, Zalen).

The letter provided more information. It was written by Major Vheed, who was investigating the Waverunners. He had discovered that the Waverunners brought something back from the Elven ruins they were exploring, and this caused a huge problem. In fact, the Waverunners had to seal Delve Haven because of it, leaving someone named Sevastion trapped (and possibly still alive). He interrogated the surviving Waverunners, but was unable to pry any information out of them. He specifically mentioned that both Zander and Aaron were present when the grave portal was unlocked, and that they were both hiding something. While he was frustrated by the Waverunners’ lack of cooperation, he was hopeful that the grave candles would provide more information. Specifically, he wanted to use them to speak with deceased Waverunners. Donetllas Bilsby, the leader of the expedition, supposedly had knowledge of a magical artifact, but was sealed in the lower vaults (volunteered?) as the others fled Delve Haven. Coreanne Heavensgate was slain when the portal opened. Her remains were collected by the Sisters of Eiseth, a devil-worshipping assassin cult. Loremaster Leriam was believed slain, his remains still trapped in Delve Haven. He authored a poem called Cugny’s Wedding, which may be a cipher. Captain Solomon Trafalgar ordered the sealing of Delve Haven, his status was unknown.

Along with the letter was a torn out page containing a poorly worded poem, Cugny’s Wedding, as well as notes for trying to break the cipher. Using the extra syllable found in every 12th line, we uncovered another poem within the original called “Wave Door”. It gave vague references to directions that lead to the Wave Door, the entry point for Delve Haven,which was sealed with a portal key. We worked out that the Wave Door is close to the Lost Cove, where the Dead Gods are. There is a black sand beach on the northeast shore, with the door located 300 feet northeast of the beach, submerged in the water. Using the maps the Tulita gave us, we believed that we could find the location.

We finally questioned the severed head. It belonged to a devil assassin of Mollach. She worked for Major Vheed, and used to live in Delve Haven. She was also slightly insane. Getting cogent information from her was difficult and she eventually sunk into a catatonic state.

Given our choices, we opted to use the candles to question the deceased members of the Waverunners. The easiest one to contact was Coreanne, as her remains were being held by the Sisters of Eiseth in a deserted part of Sentinel. We sought assistance from the Fendrillers, as they had useful intel. We assaulted the headquarters of the Sisterhood, an abandoned mortuary. After combating a fire elemental and 5 Sisters, we were able to search the ossiary, and collect Coreanne’s remains. We also realized that one of the Sisters was not present, so we leave evidence suggesting that the attack on the house was done by the Minochs, a local crime family.

Having retrieved Coreanne’s remains, we returned home, lit one of the grave candles, and summoned her spirit. She spoke of the Waverunners, and their life in Delve Haven. In addition to the members we already knew of, she mentioned Jilliere Ramirez, a curly-haired, dark skinned woman, Donaovan Montgomery and Belloch, Shakes’ ½ Orc friend. She said that Delve Haven was located deep underground, and was accessible through tunnels from the Undercity. One of these tunnels connects with the runed metal door similar to the one in the basement of our house. That door was believed to lead to the palace of the Day King. In their explorations of the new continent, The Waverunners came across 6 spheres that radiated powerful chaos magic. They recovered the 6th sphere in the Elven ruins they had been exploring. Solomon believed that the spheres were somehow keyed to the Black Hand, arch magi of the 3 Kings. As such, he advised against activating them. Aaron and Zander, arch mages in their own rights, believed that they could safely use the spheres, potentially gaining great power and knowledge. So, they performed a ritual to activate the spheres. Coreanne was elsewhere in Delve Haven during the ritual, however, after it was completed, she heard the sounds of magical battle. She witnessed 2 women emerging from Delve Haven. One was a native. The other had bone white hair. Shortly thereafter, a dark ash cascaded from the sky, killing anything it touched. Coreanne’s last memory was of the dark ash falling on her.

Acquired items:
Magical Combination lock box
Divine Scrolls – Remove Curse, Heal, Scry (Granan)
3 Grave Candles – Speak with Dead, only need portion of body (Granan)
Wand of Break Enchantment – 8 charges (Tobin)
Wand of Death Ward – 7 charges (Tobin)
5 potions of Lesser Restoration (one to each of us)
10 vials of black adder venom
5 bladed scarves – favored weapon of Sisters of Eiseth
5 crossbows

Dead men DO tell tales

We decided to follow up on who was collecting bodies. So, we took the body of the half orc to the drop off location, and sent the signal for a pick up. Eventually, a carriage came for the body, which we followed back to a mortuary. We knocked on the door, but there was no answer. We picked the lock and entered into the reception area. While searching the reception, we heard footsteps upsatairs in the roof top garden. Zarine’s familiar, who was scouting outside, was able to see a man in the garden release a messenger bird, and then attempt to hide himself. Zarine sent her familiar to follow the messenger while we climbed the stairs to confront the man.

The stairs led up to a well-furnished bedroom, which opened up into the garden. We were able to sneak up on the man hiding there, and capture him. He called himself Artend, and claimed that once Mary found out, she was going to kill him. Apparently he was the owner of the mortuary, and had been furnishing Mary Black with unidentified bodies…for a price. He was able to give us a description of Mary, dark hair and light green eyes, as well as her tall, blond assistant. Mary had been collecting bodies for some time now. She has learned to make undead creatures from body parts, using Chaos magic to bind them together.

A search of Artend, the bedroom and reception uncovered a ledger detailing the pick-up dates and payments received for the bodies Artend sold to Mary, a key to a safety deposit box at Stross Holding Company, a dagger, an amulet of natural armor +2, a spell book and a magic tome called “Magus Rising”, which details a series of pact which can be used to bind imps. We also uncovered a secret door.

The secret door led to a small room containing a trough full of body parts. When we entered the room, the parts animated, and oozed out of the trough to attack us. We destroyed the undead abomination just as a group of people entered the loading dock of the mortuary. They had come to burn the place down, with us in it! They all wore masks that were enchanted to give the image of a carved, wooden skull, and were worshippers of Zagul, a being of the nether realms. After a protracted battle involving pitch-spitting undead spider creatures, we defeated them and prevented the building from burning to the ground. In the process, we attained 6 blood tear necklaces and two scrolls of Animate Dead.

We left the mortuary and turned Artend over to Cmmdr. Bonaduce. At about that time, Zarine’s familiar reported that it was able to follow the messenger bird to the plantation district, near the Jaltos and Stross houses. Unfortunately, it was chased away by a wyvern, so it was not able to find the exact destination of the messenger.

The next morning, we went to the Stross Holding company to open Artend’s stong box. It contained his payments from Mary Black, around 10,000 gp pieces. Interestingly, they were all in ancient coins, like the ones we found in the ruins.

Three days passed with everyone performing various chores, leading to the evening of the masquerade ball, hosted by Jaltos in our honor. This was especially irksome for Zarine, as she had accidently double booked this eveing. She had promised to attend with Both Bonaduce and Chambers. All of the town notables were present, including members from all of the Houses, Bethany Razor, Xalen, Hargrove, Thaladin Creed, and even Vincenz.

The evening was progressing swimmingly until Zarine’s familiar noticed that Ratmen were sneaking into the compound, carrying packets some strange powder, possibly poison. Shortly thereafter, Granan noticed that the protective runes surrounding the courtyard had been altered. Instead of keeping things out, if triggered, they would now keep things trapped inside. As we tried to convince Bonaduce of the potential problems, the hired performers began their play. Bored with the play, Zarine decided to scout around compound. Granan joined her. While prowling about, Zarine is attacked and capture by a couple of Devourer worshippers, who plan on taking her back to make her their “queen”.

Just as her screams reach the courtyard, the runes got activated, trapping all but Granan and Zarine in the courtyard. All of a sudden, a huge worm-like amalgamation of body parts erupts from the ground, right in the middle of the courtyard. It lets out an ear splitting screech, which panics many of the guests. Avidian, Ironforge and several of the guests engaged the horror, while Tobin went to work trying to disable the runes. Eventually, he is able to lower the barrier, and with the added assistance of the guests, we defeated the creature.

In the meantime, Granan and Zarine after dispatching the cultists came across a group of servants, who were confined to their beds from illness. While Granan was attempting to tend to them, they began to transform. They developed a sickly pallor, and then body parts began to sprout from their bodies. Granan called upon the power of his god to heal these poor, stricken innocents. However, something went wrong. His hammer began to glow red with the power of his god, which began to fill the room. Unfortunately, he was not able to control the power, which began to drain him of his life force. In the process, the servants were utterly destroyed, and Granan passed out.

The evening ended with clean up, healing and the counting of the dead. We lost 13 people in the fight, including the leader of House Bariman.

Acquired items:
Amulet of Natural Armor +2 (Ironforge)
Spell book (Tobin)
Key to safety deposit box (Avidian)
Magus Rising
6 Blood tear necklaces worth ~500 gp each
2 scrolls of Animate dead (Granan)
~ 10,000 gp
+2 Dagger of Wounding (Tobin)


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