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  • Barrison Hargrove (Roaringbrook)

    Little is known of Barrison Hargrove- he is the main representative of House Roaringbrook on the Savage Coast. Rumor has it that he has gone senile; his senility accelerated by the dissappearance of his beloved, younger wife not too long ago.

  • Bethany Razor

    Bethany is a woman of unsurpassable attraction. Besides the obvious mystery of her dark beauty (raven black hair, midnight eyes, and skin deep as bronze) the dancing fire of her eyes and her devilish smile make men weak in the knees. She is a pirate, …

  • Banderyl

    Of on their own little excursion, Tobin and Zarine stumbled upon an ancient dwarven temple, deep underneath Sentinel, which was surprisingly occupied. Banderyl is the last, and only high Priest of Dumathoin, one of the original gods of the dwarves before …

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