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“I’ve been to better places in this world, safer places. I’ve been to places with prettier people, more civilized people, to cities that astound you. But you know? I’ve never been to a place that is so harsh and unforgiving; wastelands filled with colossal peaks; primordial forests that have presence; treacherous seas of quicksand; the damp and fog draped moors where the quiet itself seems alive.

Yet there is history here, and opportunity too, for the land is dotted with strange, mystical sites and great monuments from empires before the Age of Darkness. Few alive today can guess at what untold treasures lie fallow. What ancient ruins lie devoured by the deep forest? What lies buried in the fetid swamps? What created the vast stretch of barren lands dotted with hundreds of thousands of broken statues?

Beyond this, the land itself is a treasure, the gigantic Darkwood beckoning those of an opportunistic ilk, not to mention the unique flora and fauna, both dangerous and profitable; where the worst predators and foulest threats are the human tribes, savages, who live there—and those who, in many cases, pass themselves off as humans .This vastness and the sense of isolation have earned the region its name; this is the Savage Coast."

_Dario Argent, Explorer and Archivist, addressing the Mercantile League, before his last Departure to Setinel, first settlement on the Savage Coast
“Opportunity knocks!"

“Land, Gold, and Title!” Those are the things promised for taming the wilderness of the Savage Coast by the Mercantile League, for being the earliest settlers of the Savage Coast. For many it is an opportunity to escape; be it from the oppressive debt that once owed becomes a shackle for life and beyond for generations and leads to enslavement, the constant games of power and intrigue of the Great City where even the lowliest commoner gets caught up in the schemes of the wealthy and the mercantile, from religious persecution, or for darker reasons.

You are one of these, one desperate enough to take a gamble, to set off on the long oceanic voyage, to become a pioneer, to be a Raider of the Savage Coast. …
Be aware that the campaign heavily features lots of exploration, ancient ruins, political intrigue, man-devouring wilderness, and most importantly, the chance to leave your mark and plot your destiny; be it being dragon chow, cannibal food, or a cannibal. There might be an outside chance of being wealthy, famous, and who knows, maybe a head honcho.


Raiders of the Savage Coast

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