Raiders of the Savage Coast

Down the Rabbit(?) Hole

We descended down the shaft in the garden, left by the creature which attacked House Jaltos. It opened into a large room in an old tunnel system. Spare body parts were strewn about the room, as though the creature was assembled here and then sent to attack us. A search of the room revealed footprints (humanoid and rat-like) leading into a smaller shaft set into the floor. We decided to send Tobin down on a rope. About half way down, Tobin got shot with poisoned bullets, paralyzing him. Unable to hold onto the rope, he fell to the bottom of the shaft. He was then roughly grabbed, and dragged off. Rushing to his rescue, Ironforge quickly climbed down the shaft. Unfortunately, midway down, a section of the shaft extended out from the wall, closing off the shaft above and below Ironforge, essentially trapping him. Drawing on enormous reserves of strength, Ironforge broke through the bottom barrier, and eventually reached the bottom. As Granan and Zarine worked their way through the upper barrier, Ironforge took off in pursuit of Tobin’s abductors.

Paralyzed, Tobin could only take notice of who had attacked him. Looking around, he saw 3 ratlings with guns and 2 well-armed men, one of which was carrying him. Being unable to do anything to affect an escape, Tobin activated the power of the Necklace of the Night Sky. First, he was immediately surrounded by a globe of darkness, slowing his captors departure. Then, he sent the ratlings fleeing using the necklace’s fear power. This gave Ironforge the time and conditions to quickly engage the two men in combat. Eventually, Granan and Zarine join Ironforge, finishing of the men and freeing Tobin.

Healing up, we followed the passageway, leading us to a door, and a wall with a secret door. The normal door opened into a small bed chamber, adorned simply with a sleeping mat. Examination of the mat triggered an explosive trap, which prompted a barrage of gunfire and spells from previously hidden slots along one of the walls. We quickly exited the room, and opened the secret door in order to engage our assailants. We were confronted by a very tall, bone white Elf in robes, a Dark Elf woman wielding a spear, a weasel-faced man armed with a pistol and short sword, and an animated amalgamation of body parts. The Elf was temporarily neutralized by a grease spell, and the construct was kept distracted by Zarine’s drake. This left the Dark Elf and the gunman. However, even with our advantage in numbers, dispatching these remaining two was more difficult than expected. The Dark Elf was extremely competent with the spear, being able to attack more often than expected. While Ironforge was able to keep driving her back, she was able to do him great injury. And then, the balance tipped. Reinforcements arrived. Three ratlings, a dire rat and another Elf joined the fray. The ratlings and dire rat set up a perimeter, protecting the Elf, who proceeded to heal his wounded companions. In addition, the construct disabled the drake and slowly began to absorb it into its being. The situation looked bleak. However, we fought on. After a protracted battle, we were able to destroy the construct, kill the ratlings, dispatch the dire rat, disabled the gunman, and forced the others to retreat. As we were in no position to pursue, we retreated to rest and rememorize spells.

While recuperating, we caught the Elf wearing robes as he tries to sneak past us invisibly. We convinced him to give us information for free passage to the surface. He claimed to not know who Mary Black is, but told us that she is very powerful and is organizing all of the chaos cults in the area. She has brought together The Crimson Coil, The Brotherhood of Venom, and The Tolling bell. She has also enlisted the aid of a crime lord in the city proper. He described meeting two women who match the description that was given to us by the mortician, previously. We also learn that his companions had retreated to the Temple of Deep Chaos, which is run by the cult of the Tolling Bell. The Temple was excavated by the cults, under the direction of Mary Black. Mary is planning use the Temple and the chaos cults to free the 3 kings on the Night of Dissolution, which is some sort of planar conjunction. The Temple itself is accessible through a secret door, which he points out for us. Guarding the Temple is a fallen Dwarf, a female tiefling, and a magical, shape-shifting spider. In addition, residents of the Temple may be armed with Chaos weapons, needle bombs, binding bombs and acid wands. Having provided us whit this valuable information, we let him loose.

We opened the secret door and entered into a large cavern. In the middle of the cavern was what appeared to be an entire keep. Closest to us was what remained of the courtyard. We entered the courtyard. Following the Elf’s directions, we located where the Dwarf guardian was. We were able to sneak up om him and quickly eliminate him before he can signal a warning. After searching his guard station, we cautiously approached the tower entrance to the keep. A search of the door revealed no traps.

Acquired items:
+1 Full Plate (Granan)
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds – 16 charges (Granan)
Lich Dust poison – 2 doses [ingested, 2d6 str every 3 rnds, DC17, 3 saves] (Tobin)
+1 Chain Shirt
+2 Gloves of Dexterity (Tobin)
Spider venom poison – 4 doses [paralyze DC14] (Tobin)
2 Holy Symbols – Brotherhood of Venom, coiled viper
+1 Studded leather armor
+1 Short sword (Tobin)
Masterwork double pistol
Crimson Coil cultist ring – 2
Key (from gunman)
Full plate
Wood shield
+1 battle axe
Pearl of Power – 1st level spell (Granan)
Potion of levitation
Scroll – Divine: Cure Light Wound x3, Monster Summon x3 – Granan
Silver and Mithral amulet of a skull – 150 gp
Key to a chest (Dwarf guardian)
400 gp


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