Raiders of the Savage Coast

The Siege of Sentinel

In an attempt to get better intelligence on the invading force, and possibly inflict some damage to slow them down, we scout out the enemy camp and sneak in. After an initial investigation, we decide to send Athadian, Zarine, Tobin and 3 halflings in. Athadian blew up the weapons depot and set off the Heartsbreath, an artifact that kills creatures devoted to Chaos. In the ensuing confusion, Zarine, Tobin and the halflings poison the feed for the animals. While they were leaving the camp, they saw an albnino woman, a black robed figure and a large native with draconic features taking charge and restoring order to the camp.

In the meantime, while waiting for the others, Ironforge and Granan are attacked by The Hand of Slaughter, a mercenary group that had been hired to kill us. While it was touch and go for a while, Ironforge and Granan are able to escape the ambush and make it back to the rest of the group. All return to Sentinel to await the beginning of the siege.

The eminent attack did not occur the next day. Supposedly enough damage was done to the invading army to postpone the invasion. None the less, the enemy naval forces engaged those of Sentinel. Unfortunately, our respite is short lived. On the following dawn, the attack begins. It starts with a bombardment of the city walls by giants hurling boulders. As the walls begin to collapse, we sneak out to confront the giants. Catching them by surprise, we are able to disrupt the barrage and dispatch the giants. As the giants are being finished off, fires began erupting throughout the harbor district. Small groups of pirates were setting off flares, which were then used as targets for fireballs cast by wizards on ships in the harbor. Tobin and Zarine quickly turn the tables on the pirates by targeting the pirates with illusionary flares of their own, thus tricking the wizards off-shore into targeting the pirates with their fireballs.

We return to the city proper, only to be drawn to the Cathedral district by screams of pain and terror. Snipers have positioned themselves in a building outside the temple, and are shooting people seeking healing. Athadian and Granan perform a frontal assault on the building while Ironforge and Zarine sneak in through a window. Tobin provides cover fire for the group. Athadian and Granan encounter a number of wizards, which they dispatch, while Ironforge and Zarine engage a group of rogues. After breaking up the snipers, we return to the square outside the main temple to help with the wounded.

Just as order is being restored, a giant undead construct which resembles a purple worm bursts from the ground. After a prolonged melee, where Athadian, Granan and Zarine get engulfed, the construct is destroyed. However, its destruction causes it to burst open, releasing scores of undead. With the help of the priests, the undead are finally put down.

As the last of the undead are being mopped up, a shadow dragon approaches and lands in the square. Along with the dragon arrives a humongous crocodile man and an albino witch who appears to be using magical chains to control a scimitar-wielding woman. Athadian engages the woman. Ironforge attacks the crocodile man, and Tobin takes on the witch. However, Zarine has the critical job of using her magic flute to control the shadow dragon. In an epic battle of wills which could have left her a burned out husk, or worse, a play thing under control of the dragon, Zarine triumphs and eventually forces the dragon to flee. Both the crocodile man and the woman are killed. Unfortunately, Zander is killed and the albino witch escapes. With this defeat, the attacking army’s will is broken, and the siege lifted.

Upon returning to our home, we find that someone has broken into the house and accessed the secret room in the basement. Supposedly whoever it was had used the distraction caused by the siege to attempt to steal the weapons of Chaos. Luckily these weapons had been previously removed and given to Aaron.

In the aftermath of the siege, we take the next several days to recuperate. While the major storm has broken, the weather remains rainy and windy. Zarine gets approached by Malakai, the head of the Night Theatre to discuss a joint venture. Cmmdt. Bonaduce enlists Ironforg’es assistance in leading a Tulita scouting force. Thorad Ironfist, leader of the Mallarkin Clan pledges his people to serve and follow Granan with the intent of restoring his clan and regaining Glimmerhome. Tobin spends his time reading the Tome of the Mad Gods, a book written by a dwarven mage who was a member of the Black Hand. The tome is a handbook on the Planes with the goal of destroying the universe and thus releasing the sleeping mad gods.

The respite ends when Cmmdt. Bonaduce informs the group that one of the stars of the Night Theatre, Mordana, has been missing for a week.

Acquired Items:
2 potions of cure moderate wounds – Athadian/Ironforge
2 scrolls of invisibility – Tobin
2 rings of protection (1)
2 cloaks of resistance (
1) – Athadian
Scroll of Fly – Zarine
3000 gp – Tobin’s share donated to poor, displaced, orphans and widows in his House’s name
Ring of the Sophisticate
Scholar’s Ring
Mithril heavy shield
Boneless leather armor (+5 escape artist)
Metamagic rod of intensify magic
Darkwood Staff of Spirit Talking (12 charges)


you rock!

The Siege of Sentinel

Couple of clarifications…the main “sniper” was able to move through walls and seemed to be able to shift form and got away. Those who broke into the house had apparently been able to open the metal runic gate and a massive roadway seemed to lead off into the underdark. They had destroyed the metallic hydra like guardian that Granan decided to rebuild.

The Siege of Sentinel

For next session:

All light and magic, she twirls to the cries of brutes and simpletons. She is their dream, and the star by which they set their course over the uncharted waters of the Razor. For one night, they are hers before death finds them in a dusty tomb or a Sentinel’s embrace. Her body, outlined in the quicksilver gleam, strikes them harder than a Giant’s hammer… The shining silhouette of a Goddess.

When the lights go out, she is alone. The long walk home through biting wind and black rain leaves her wet and empty. There is no one waiting for her. Or so she thinks. She is no more alone than a star in the night sky. Darkness surrounds her. I wait in the gloom. I’ll hold her close. Hold every part of her so close.

~ Quoth the Raven

The Siege of Sentinel

Metal bleeds as she does. Rust runs from weeping wounds. Forgotten beasts discarded after their journey, or banished to this dismal ground by age and wear. Black rain soaks the muddy soil of the graveyard. Somewhere within this mournful field of rust and decay, the rancid stench of festering meat chokes the air. On a stretch of cold earth lies her steel prison filled with tainted flesh. She dies so slowly. I eat her living flesh while she looks on in stunned terror. Her death will be exquisite; I shall savor her pain and horror for days. Amongst these forgotten hulks, no one hears her hoarse screams as I feast on her.

The Siege of Sentinel

Purveyors of death, cloaked in heroism. Beauty most compromised, like the words of wind;
Master of intrigue, liar who leads to deaths; Dwarven champion, who abandons his own to death; murders of blades,who claims to be of nature. As i dismembered her, and ate her lovely flesh, i envisoned zarine’s curves, and tobins smile, and the dwarve’s girth, and Zarn’s heart. To feast on you, as i feasted on your Athadian….mmmm…

The Siege of Sentinel
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